Sonali Phogat’s Family Still Believes Rhea Chakraborty Gave Sushant Singh Rajput Drugs & He Was Killed, Don’t Want Their Daughter’s Case Go In Same Way

Sonali Phogat’s family still believes Rhea Chakraborty drugged Sushant Singh Rajput and he was killed (Photo Credits – Instagram; Facebook)

A lot is being said and written about Sonali Phogat who died under mysterious circumstances. Sonali, who rose to fame with Tiktok videos, was a BJP leader and has also appeared in Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 14. Sonali Phogat died in Goa on 23 August and it was earlier reported that she died of a heart attack. However, soon the Goa Police linked his death and registered a case regarding the same.

So far, two of his accomplices have been arrested and it is being told that they had given him drugs before killing him.

Now in the latest twist, Sonali Phogat’s family members have drawn parallels between Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case with her death case. The actor ended his life in June 2020. However, even his family believed that it was not a suicide but a murder. Now in a recent interview, the former bb contestantThe family members of K.K. said that they do not want the matter of his death to go to the SSR. He also said that Rhea Chakraborty had given him drugs.

India Today quoted Sonali Phogat’s family member Kuldeep Phogat as saying, “We do not want this matter to go on in the case of Sushant Singh Rajpur’s death. The family still believes he has been murdered. Rhea Chakraborty had given him drugs.. still he is out. The matter is not over yet. This case is not about drug possession or drug abuse. But about the murder. ,

Sonali’s relative also demanded a CBI inquiry and a narco test. We demand that the killers of Sonali be hanged. If the case does not prove that he was murdered, we will demand a CBI inquiry and we will also demand a narco test.

On the other hand, Sonali Phogat’s brother Rinku Dhaka had said that both the accused killed the BJP leader with the intention of taking possession of his property and financial assets. During his recent interview, Sonali’s younger brother Vatan Dhaka revealed what he suspects about her death.

Talking to a leading entertainment portal, he said that he got a call from his personal assistant in the morning (August 23) that Sonali had died of cardiac arrest. He said that he was sleeping, was not well. A few hours later, he called his associates back to confirm and find out how it happened and their whereabouts. What made him suspicious was the irregularities in his statement and the time of his death, which made him suspect dishonesty. Later, he learned that he was drugged and then murdered.

Bhai further said that he knew about going with Sudhir and also came to know about it Sukhwinder much later. He then reveals that his younger brother Rinku is in Goa and they are getting all the updates from him.

Coming back, what are your views on the Sonali Phogat family comparing it to the case of SSR’s death? Do tell us.

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