Sony Debuts ‘Lyle, Lyle Crocodile’ Footage, Aaron Taylor-Johnson Intros ‘Bullet Train’ – CineEurope

between studios, Sony Came here first with your presentation CineEurope In Barcelona that started on Monday. Steven O’Dell, president of Sony Pictures International Releasing, declared at the top of the show, “As an industry, we’ve gone through anything.” The studio is coming off its most ambitious six-month slate to date, which it started rolling out in the fall and wrapped up with a $1.9B worldwide smash Spider-Man: No Way Homeand january hits unsolved,

“Audiences love the social cinema experience enough to overcome the barriers, especially if we give them films with clear theatrical windows,” O’Dell said.

Coming up, Sony shows first scene and first trailer Lyle, Lyle Crocodile – Adaptation of the classic children’s book in which Javier Bardem and Constance Wu voice the titular reptile with Shawn Mendes. This was new footage that was not seen at CinemaCon in April. Will Speck and Josh Gordon are directing the picture for release this fall.

Take a look at other footage where the crowdads sing, which counts Reese Witherspoon and Elizabeth Gabler among its producers and is based on the best-seller Delia Owens; as well as Viola Davis in the historical epic lady king,

A sizzling reel of titles ahead of the Tom Hanks-starrer. included a brief glimpse of a man called Otto While the studio postponed Harold and the Purple Crayon, 65, Madame Webb, El Muerto, The Equalizer sequel, next Ghost Busters suffrage entry, Venom 3two upcoming spider verse as well as movies Craven the Hunter,

He’s the star of the movie Aaron Taylor-Johnson Visiting Barcelona, ​​he told CineEurope attendees that he had finished shooting the Marvel film two weeks earlier. calling kraeven “Spider-Man’s number one rival,” he also said, adding that the character is not an alien or a wizard, but a man of conviction and that the film was shot entirely on location, without any stages.

Actors also seen in this summer’s action thriller bullet train, Directed by David Leach and starring Brad Pitt, it’s “off the f**king charts,” Taylor-Johnson said before taking a look at the first reel, which also played at CinemaCon in April.

The film is based on the novel by Kotari Isaka. maria beetle and follows the trained assassin Ladybug (Pitt), who wants to give up her career, but is pulled back by her handlers to collect a briefcase on a train of the same name from Tokyo to Kyoto. Once on the ship, he and the other rival assassins learn that their objectives are linked.