Sony Pictures Launches CinemaCon With ‘Bad Boys 4’, ‘Dumb Money’, ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ & More

Refresh for updates….Sony kicked off the first night of cinemacon With a taped message from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence from the set of bad boys 4.

Smith said with a smile, “What is Cinemacon doing? We’re glad we’re not there, because we’re here and they’re paying us to be here!”

“Bad Boys Four is coming, we are excited, excited. We are in the fourth week of shooting, everything is going to be great” he added before bringing the chairman of Sony Motion Pictures Group Josh Greenstein on stage.

“There was a lot of noise about the death of the exhibition, that the future was streaming,” Greenstein said.

“Sony stood shoulder to shoulder with you,” Greenstein told the room of exhibitors at the Caesars Palace Colosseum.

“Studios that used to bust windows are now realizing the value of windows and reversing course,” Greenstein said.

“Now streamers are giving exclusive runs to their movies,” said the studio boss, adding that Sony is releasing 23 movies this calendar year alone.

The first film Up was an opening clip from the Craig Gillespie-directed film, dumb money, About Gamestop Stock Fever Rush starring Paul Dano and Seth Rogen. Gillespie took the stage with Dano.

,dumb money “It’s a true story of how everyday investors flipped the script,” said the director, adding that a YouTuber comes from a blue-collar family and puts his money into GameStop stock.

Dano said, “My character Keith calls himself Roaring Kitty and starts posting YouTube videos … As more regular people buy GameStop stock, the price goes up.”

In this sequence, Rogen, Nick Offerman and other hedge funders learn about the Wall Street chaos after GameStop’s stock skyrocketed due to Reddit.

Other clips shown include the trailer for Legendary Machine, And Insidious: Door.