Sony Pictures Television, Game Show Network Team For First Joint Upfront Pitch; Offerings Include ‘The Good Doctor’ Syndication Entry

Sony Pictures Television Working closely with corporate sibling game show network For the first joint advance presentation of companies to advertisers.

An announcement said that live viewing and game show capability would be two key areas of focus for brand integration. except for staples danger and will feature some new programming, pitch good doctorA flagship Sony asset coming to the off-network syndication market in September.

The Game Show Network, a highly penetrated linear channel with an active digital presence, says it increased production by 32% over 2020 levels last year, reaching 350 hours of original programming. In the on-demand world, whatever it puts on air is watched live, which the network sees as an advantage. Its most viewed title is people puzzlerA series hosted by Leah Remini. based on People Magazine crossword puzzle. Other staples include America says, master minds And chain reaction,

There is another show currently in development switchA trivia game based on the Belgian series from DIGA Studios, the companies said. The show, which is based on a format developed by Panenka and licensed by Lineup Industries BV, is also being produced and developed in several global regions.

Sony also produces the top rated syndicated game shows danger And wheel of Fortune, Son the Series Front, Together good doctor The company’s portfolio also includes powerful kill, the goldbergs, king of queens And Seinfeld,

“Our customers are increasingly demanding consistency and they can expect it from us,” said Stuart Zimmerman, EVP of advertising sales for SPT and GSN. “We provide a safe harbor for our audiences of these hugely popular game shows and sitcoms, which translates into a trusted and trustworthy environment for our advertisers’ messaging. In short, our audiences are receptive and engaged.”