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    South Korea Broadband Corporation Sues Netflix After The Release Of ‘Squid Game’ For A Strange Reason

    South Korean Broadband Corporation sues streaming giant Netflix following the release of ‘Squid Game’ – read on to find out why (Photo Credits: Wikipedia and IMDb)

    Netflix’s Korean series ‘Squid Game’ has garnered some amazing viewership in no time. The show has been ranked No. 1 in 90 countries since its release. It is indeed a moment of celebration for the streaming giant, but it looks like they are in some trouble with South Korean internet service provider SK Broadband.

    NS now viral show It was released on September 17 on the streaming platform.

    Now internet service provider SK Broadband has sued Netflix and the reason for this is surprising. The firm wants the streaming giant to pay the cost that was caused by increased network traffic and maintenance work due to the increase in Korean viewership for the show ‘Squid Game’.

    This sudden move by SK Broadband comes after a court in Seoul has said that Netflix must provide something “reasonable” in return to an Internet service provider for network use.

    Meanwhile, various South Korean committee partners have spoken out against content providers who do not pay for network usage even after inducing heavy traffic.

    Netflix has responded to this, saying it will review SK Broadband’s lawsuit and investigate the claim and work with the company to ensure it doesn’t affect consumers.

    NS famous streaming platforms Google is now the second largest data traffic generator in the country after YouTube. It is said that both networks do not pay usage fees, which other content providers such as Amazon, Apple and Facebook do. The broadband company made this claim on Friday.

    The data traffic of the streaming platform, which is handled by SK Broadband, has now processed 1.2 trillion bits of data per second, up 24 times from May 2018, the firm said. It’s all because of Netflix Productions from South Korea, which has Squid Game and DP. shows like

    That’s why the broadband firm has filed a lawsuit against the streaming giant for getting paid to use SK’s network.

    Netflix began using SK Broadband’s line in 2018.

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