Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Original Storyline Didn’t Delve Into Multiverse At All! Here’s What Happened

Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Tom Holland and has the multiverse as its main conflict (Photo Credits: Spider-Man: No Way Home Poster)

Spider-Man: No Way Home has become a phenomenon that is drawing almost everyone in the world to the big screen. The film, which hit the screens a fortnight ago, is going strong not only in the West but across the globe. The fact that it is in the 200 crore club in India amid the pandemic is enough to explain how big the Tom Holland starrer has become. But what if we tell you that the makers had no plans to introduce the multiverse in the beginning?

If you haven’t been tempted to come to theatres, Spider Man: No Way Home has opened the door to the multiverse and many characters from alternate Spidey universes have entered us. It was a huge selling point for the studio, which marketed the film as the biggest reunion in a standalone franchise. But now as per the latest update, the first draft was not about the multiverse at all.

Imagine if there was no multiverse, no supervillain, and not even the greatest cameo we have until the end and forget it Doctor StrangeFully included. Well, we’re glad that didn’t happen. But below is everything you need to know about the time it wasn’t planned.

According to ScreenRant, writers McKenna and Somers talked about different story angles for Spider-Man: No Way Home, but none of the early ones involved the multiverse. Rather he thought of presenting it by the end of this one. But some brainstorming made him the central conflict of the third in Tom Holland’s trilogy.

“We went down two different roads with different story ideas that weren’t there,” McKenna said. [the multiverse] Which will tease something like this at the end of it. Why tease the multiverse when you can do it?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is playing loud in theaters near you. Go grab a seat. Also let us know if you enjoyed No Way Home Minus the Multiverse in the comments section below. Stay tuned with Koimoi for more.

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