‘Spy City’ Creator William Boyd Penning $20M Series About Emperor Maximilian Of Mexico And Wife Charlotte Of Belgium

spy city creator William Boyd Writing a $20M series about the tragic lives of Mexico’s Emperor Maximilian and his Belgian wife Charlotte herbert cloiebero and High End Productions of Konstantin Film.

four part series Maximilian and Carlota Filming will begin next year in Austria, northern Italy, France and Mexico, with budgets estimated to reach the $20M mark.

The young Hapsburg, who was the brother of Kaiser Franz Joseph, and his Belgian princess, allowed themselves to be persuaded by Napoleon III to move to the other end of the world in 1864. He sought to do justice to both his own progressive ideals and political interests. The major European powers were used as rulers of the Mexican people and as political pawns in European colonial politics.

Kloiber, who founded High End Productions earlier this year, said he had been “intrigued” by the story for more than 30 years.

“As a sharp-minded political liberal, he was always perceived by the Viennese Court as a threat,” he said. “My fascination with them remains with me to this day and so I am especially happy that this project is about to become a reality.”

Famous Scottish author Boyd recently wrote AMC+/ Magenta TV Mini Series spy city 1961 About Cold War spies in Berlin. He has written a wealth of award-winning novels as well as adaptations for choice. channel 4,

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