‘Squid Game’ Becomes First Non-English Language Show To Score Main Drama Emmys Nom & Scores Major Acting Nod For Lee Jung-Jae

squid game made history once again, this time by becoming the first non-English language show to receive an Emmy nomination in the Main Drama category.

korean mega-hit most viewed Netflix Series of all time, in the Outstanding Drama Series category and also for Star Lee Jung-jae. In all, the mega-hit garnered 14 nominations.

A remarkably simple but devastatingly effective 10-parter was written by hwang dong-huku and followed a group of 456 misfits who have to compete in a set of children’s games, in order to win prizes worth more than a million dollars, the kicker being that if they lose, they are killed.

The show saw superstars like Lee, Park Hee-soo and Jung Ho-yeon ousted from the lead and recently a second series was officially flagged off.

Apple TV+’s pachinko Tipped to Soo Hue but did not list.

While other non-US shows have previously been nominated in major categories such as Downton Abbey, Bodyguard And shits creek, pachinko And squid game The first are those that are not in the English language.