Stand-Up Comedian Jaspreet Singh Shares His Take On Oscar Controversy, Feels “If A Joke Is Offensive, It Can Be Criticised Instead Of Violence”

Jaspreet Singh: If a joke is offensive, it can be criticized instead of violence (Photo Credits – Instagram)

Stand-up comedian Jaspreet Singh, who has come up with his new show ‘Koi Load Nehi’ in the context of the Oscar controversy, says if a joke is derogatory to the audience then it should be criticized but physical violence cannot be the answer.

In an interaction with IANS, Jasprit was asked to share his views on the controversial incident at the Academy Awards ceremony where stand-up comedian Chris Rock cracked a joke about Will. Jada Will Smith’s wife Pinkett Smith called her ‘GI Gen 2’.

‘GI Jane’ is a movie in which lead actress Demi Moore shaves her head to complete her Navy SEAL training.

Since Jada suffers from alopecia, a medical condition that caused her hair to fall out, the joke does not go down well with her and Will. Will went on stage and punched Chris for his remarks.

comment on the matter jasprit told IANS, “If a joke is not liked by the audience, then as a comedian I am ready to apologize and if it is objectionable, then the audience should criticize it. But slapping the comedian, physical violence. Nothing can be answered. I think they both eventually understood it and both apologised.”

Coming from a middle-class family, Jasprit studied civil engineering and worked as a professional before venturing into stand-up comedy full-time.

Now that he is touring multiple cities and his first comedy special ‘Koi Load Nehi’ has aired on Prime Video, he feels a certain sense of responsibility.

He said, “While it’s not in the job description of a comedian, I think, with my growing followers, there are some social topics that I want to address and express my satire on. Be it gender equality, Be it the stereotypes of my community, I would like to bring them into my performance. For example, I am the stereotype because I am a Sardar.”

“My intention is to use my platform to continue the socially relevant conversation through my performances, my humour, my satire is my weapon,” said Jasprit with a smile.

‘Koi Load Nehi’ is directed by Karan Asnani, produced by Myoho Films, Blip and LVC.

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