‘Stath Lets Flats’ Producer Roughcut TV Snaps Up Rights To Nina Millns’ Debut Novel ‘Goddesses’

Unique, stat let’s flats And people just do nothing the creator rough tv Taking away the rights to Nina Mills’ dark comic satirical debut novel, has made its push into the premium drama space Ladies, In which it is described as a tough competitive position.

The comedy producer launched a high-end drama slate two years ago and Sarah Vaughan’s small calamities, The other high-profile novel that was picked up in February 2021 is now in development with a major UK broadcaster.

Set at a hen party in a remote mansion, Ladies, Which will be published in June 2023, follows Ayesha, a mixed-race stand-up comedian who finds herself entangled with a group of powerful feminist activists.

Mills is an actress-turned-writer who has won several awards for her screenplays and most recently wrote a few episodes for doctor who Audio drama including all women International Women’s Day specials.

She said that she was “blown away by the scope of Roughcut’s approach”. Goddess And couldn’t get it out of my mind,” adding: “The incredibly detailed depth to each character and their journey, as well as the themes and message of the story, went beyond anything I could have imagined. “

recent roughcut Hired two development officers To strengthen its comedy/drama credentials and BAFTA winning Channel 4 Comedy stat let’s flats Fox returned to the US network after developing but did not return to the series.

Roughcut TV is represented by CAA and Mills is represented by Hannah Weatherill and Northbank Talent Management.