Steve Martin Crashes ‘Only Murders’ Co-Star Selena Gomez’s ‘SNL’ Debut For Sketch On Whoopie Cushion Inventor

Steve Martin it crashed only murders First episode to co-star Selena Gomez as host SNLWhoopi cushion inventor, Archie for a pre-taped sketch on Gizmo.

The segment of Martin’s fictional inventor came as part of the show. American inventor, Hosted by Taylor Gosh (Gomez). “Automobiles, paper cups, dancing, computers. These were all invented. But who did this and what is their story?” Gosh wonders upstairs. “We start with Archie Gizmo, the prolific inventor of the whoopie cushion.”

We then cut to Gizmo himself, who points out that in the early ’60s, he was just a “struggling gag inventor” who had so far built only an early prototype of the Whoopi Cushion. “I knew it would be fun for your boss to sit and [have] There’s a noise coming from his butt,” Gizmo said, “but I just can’t figure out what the noise is.”

Helping the inventor solve the case is Ms. Dinah Beans (Eddie Bryant), a woman he sees from afar at a party. “Her energy was magnetic; Her eyes were endless,” Gizmo recalls, “and every time she sat down, gasped.”

“That night they realized that the funniest noise that could come out of the butt was a fart,” says Gosh, who explains that after Gizmo’s epiphany, whoopie cushions started flying off the shelves.It was a real hit,” she says, “and it didn’t stop there. Dinah Beans became her muse. ,

“I fell in love with Dinah, and she was behind every good idea I had,” Gizmo says. “Because you see, she wasn’t just an old gas-passer. She was also the most viciously unlucky woman I’d ever met.”

We later cut to a montage that sees Dinah being repeatedly struck by lightning, and her eyes automatically popping out of their pockets. As it turns out, every instance of misfortune inspired one of Archie’s classic gags, like a hand buzzer, Google-eyed Slinky Glass, or electric gum.

“Archie became the most famous gag inventor in the world,” Gosh says, “and it was all thanks to Dinah Beans.”

While Gizmo enriched Beans’ misfortune-inspired gags, the inventor says he never lost sight of the fact that “Dinah was the prize, and the biggest lie he’s ever told was marrying a guy like me.”

Gomez hosted tonight’s episode, with Post Malone serving as the musical guest. Will update this story with video when deadline comes.