Strange Reason Fahad Sheikh Was Rejected By The Industry |

The entertainment industry is a tough place, both difficult to enter and stay in one place. Many newcomers who come with stars in their eyes never get to see the light of day in their career. However, many a times with persistence and hard work, we see stars rising to great positions. One such star is Fahad Shaikh who became very popular after his play Jalaan.

Nauman was the guest of honor in Ijaz’s government and he answered the questions very openly. Replying to a question, he revealed that he has been rejected in the industry due to various reasons. Being in showbiz for so many years introduced him to many reasons that those in power can dismiss.

The Weird Reason Fahad Shaikh Was Rejected by the Industry

However, he revealed that the odd reason he was rejected was that “he has too much hair”. Nauman Ejaz was also surprised and said that hair is so important in the industry that when the hair started falling out, he had to get himself transplanted. To which Fahad replied that someone told him that he has a lot of hair on his head and he will not look good. Meanwhile many people have said that he lacks the required height to be a hero.

The Weird Reason Fahad Shaikh Was Rejected by the Industry

Here’s where Fahadh openly reveals her rejection stories: