Strange World Movie Review: It’s Everything Disney, Even More Visually, But Never Dives Deeper

Strange World Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jabuki Young-White, Gabrielle Union, Lucy Liu and an ensemble cast.

the director: Don Hall and Qu Nguyen.

(Photo courtesy- A still from strange world)

What’s good: There is a visual sorcery in the game and the world comes alive both metaphorically and literally. Everything looks different and beautiful when the thoughts land correctly.

What’s worse: The film touches upon the subjects and does not attempt to dig deep. It’s all convenient on the surface.

Loo Break: It’s a lovely film, you don’t need it.

Watch or not?: You must have a visual flair, but with minimal expectations.

Language: English (with subtitles).

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runtime: 102 min.

user Rating:

The Cluede family, known as explorers, is given a new direction when the son discovers a magical crop and becomes a farmer. Years pass and the young man himself is the father of a boy. Now he has found the same crop and changed his path with it, so he is in danger of dying. How will he save it and how will he come to terms with his situation?

strange world movie review
(Photo courtesy- A still from strange world)

Strange World Movie Review: Script Analysis

Over the years, Disney has set very high standards for its animation films. His consistent critically acclaimed streak of films and Oscar journeys are proof enough. Amidst that when they come up with another visually stunning idea that has all the ingredients to set a new benchmark and settle for surface-level content, it hurts more than usual. The same happens with Strange World which is a novel idea that is treated with too much convenience.

Written by Qu Nguyen, the film is everything Disney stands for and is also the change the studio is clearly trying to embrace. It’s about a family with strained relationships, a modern approach to parenting, and a son who’s gay and no one is bothered by it but crushes on his dapper friend. supports him. The entrance to this world is heartwarming and it is thrilling to dive into the conflict in terms of visual beauty. You almost give up because the problems are not normal and neither is this family.

But when the makers decide to progress and continue to stay on the surface without really digging deep, the investment made by the viewers is not paid off as it should be. Disney is known for explaining things in depth, sometimes even spoon-feeding them. So when a new crop is discovered that’s almost like vibranium from Marvel’s Black Panther universe, and you don’t emphasize how it was used and what went into converting it into the main fuel, So how should we worry about its absence. The importance needs to be explained to understand the results and this is when the ship starts sinking.

During its runtime of around 2 hours, Strange World talks about a lot of things and most of them are emotional. A son has been thinking that his father is dead for 25 years, and then meeting again is just a blink of an eye without any detailed attention. Or when the grandson approaches his grandfather, it’s just one of many ‘way’ scenes without the emotion invested by the audience. The film also tries to represent the right and achieves it but that too is never used properly.

Strange World movie review: Star performance

Strange World manages to bring together some of the most prolific names to voice these popular animated characters. Jake Gyllenhaal and his charming voice work the magic that is expected of him. Gabrielle Union takes home the trophy for best voice. She fits in in a way that you can’t imagine anyone else.

strange world movie review
(Photo courtesy- A still from strange world)

Strange World Movie Review: Direction, Music

Co-directors Don Hall and Qui Nguyen are more into creating a visually charged film that is both cathartic and emotional. The visual power of this film is amazing when it comes to visualizing the creatures and the moment of their big reveal. It all starts to make sense when the revelation happens. But visuals alone are not enough to make it a fool-proof film.

Music is a staple and there is nothing that can grab your attention.

Strange World Movie Review: The Last Word

Strange World has all the elements of being a moving film, but it settles for surface-level material and it’s not what anyone would expect.

strange world trailer

strange world Releasing on November 25, 2022.

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