Striking Writers Rally On Social Media; “Don’t Believe The Spin That’s Already Coming Out. We’re Going To Fight”

Minutes after the Writers Guild of America declared it on strike, members lit up social media with their resolve to stay strong as they prepare to strike on Tuesday.

News of the strike, which takes effect later this evening, came late Monday after the Guild̵7;s talks with AMPTP failed to reach an agreement on a new film and scripted TV contract. it is wgaThis is the first strike since the 100-day walkout in 2007-08.

The reaction on Twitter was swift. “Here we go,” wrote David Simon (The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Street, “See you all on the sidewalk, my brothers and sisters.” He followed it up with the hashtag #WGAstrong.

Some expressed fear but this was quickly replaced by resolution, as the scribes encouraged fellow members to ignore the “spin already coming out”.

“We are on strike,” wrote Bill Wolkoff (Star Trek: Strange New World, “The whole city is behind us. And it’s our job. they do not. We will emerge with a fair deal.

“Cry havoc and let the dogs of war go!” Declared Thunder Levine, Mastermind Brains Sharknado Suffrage.