Studio Marketers On ‘Barbie’, ‘M3GAN’ Digital Campaigns; Hoping TikTok’s Not Banned, Twitter Settles Down – CinemaCon

The digital and social media marketing heads of major studios said today that they are really anticipating the threat of a US government ban TIC Toc never materialise, that̵7;s why the platform has become so important for launching films. They would also like the one owned by Elon Musk Twitter To get myself together, because that too is an important platform for Hollywood.

Alex Sanger, EVP, Digital Marketing, Universal Pictures said, “I personally don’t think TikTok is going to die, at least not in the US anytime soon.” cinemacon Panel hosted by Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro today.

“We’ve been using TikTok since it was called,” he said. It was important then, “it became even more important during the pandemic, and it continues to be. We basically see it as a viable platform for each of our films. M3GAN was definitely one of them. And we didn’t really have to do much. That dance in the trailer was basically insane,” he said of the creepy antics of the life-sized doll on the Empire State Building that seized the stage.

President Joe Biden is threatening to ban the service for data security reasons because it is owned by giant Chinese internet company ByteDance. Sanger recently jurassic world dominion And Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,

Danielle Bekas, Co-Executive Vice President, International Marketing, Warner Bros. Pictures, spoke barbie, Whose initial pictures also went viral. “We started to see that we had something, we had something that people wanted to talk about and engage with.” She also blasted the film TikTok, which is “an amazing driver” in itself and as fans share content through their own social channels.

In a hard-to-imagine scenario of TikTok disappearing, there are other solutions – YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, Snapchat’s spotlight (platforms that would reap huge rewards in TikTok’s absence).

There’s also Twitter, although it’s gotten a bit complicated.

“We have seen some of the people we work with on a daily basis go away and not be replaced. There are still some great people out there. There’s a lot of variation in their service and products,” Sanger said. The uncertainty also includes brand safety issues and confusion around Checkmark. “It’s concerning. That said, it is a real-time conversation platform. This is where we are closest to the audience. It is actually a town square.

Bekas agreed, calling Twitter “a finger on the pulse of what our audience is saying.”

“When you’re on trend, you know something’s hot,” she said.

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