‘Succession’, ‘Barry’ & ‘The White Lotus’ Set To Return With New Seasons In Time For Next Year’s Emmys Deadline

The Covid pandemic meant that the schedules of a lot of shows were thrown out of sync, which rocked the various Emmy races.

However, later A solid run of Emmy nominations, HBO hopes that the new season of major award titles like successionThe White Lotus And barry Will be released in time for next year’s Emmy eligibility deadline.

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succession Received 25 nominations, most of any show and taking its total Emmy nominations to 48, white Lotus Reserved 20 PostsAnd barry took in the other 14 nominations, while excitement Bring 16 more.

HBO and HBO Max’s chief content officer Casey Bloys joked to Deadline that he’s already thinking about next year and whether it can match this year’s nominations success.

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it seems that at least successionsecond season of white Lotus And barry Will happen.

Other shows Bloys hopes to be eligible for next year amy Involved game of Thrones By-product dragon houseWhich will premiere in August, the last of us, third season of hacksDavid E. Kelly’s Elizabeth Olsen Series love and DeathAnd white house plumber Starring Justin Theroux and Woody Harrelson.

successionWhich earned a drama nomination as well as Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, J.J. Smith-Cameron, Sarah Snook, Nicholas Braun, Kieran Culkin and Matthew McFadden, is currently in production for its fourth season.

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The fourth season, which will span 10 episodes, will take the sale of Vestar Royco to tech visionary Lucas Mattson even closer and it likely fuels existential anger and family splits between Roy.

The third season premiered in October.

Bloys said: “Everyone who works in this industry knows that every show represents thousands of hours of work, and the actors pull their hair out and try to fix it. When a show is recognized It’s thrilling to see 25 nominations for [Succession] It’s just wonderful.”

He said whether he would leave. fourth season of succession The last one is, as producer Jesse Armstrong previously hinted that it could be for the UK.

“As for those conversations, we really leave it up to the listeners. Jesse is clearly figuring out what he wants for a fourth season and he’ll decide whether he sees it going beyond that. We Will really leave it to him and let him do his process and figure out what he wants to do,” Bloys said.

Feather barry, which nominated for a comedy series and one for Bill Hader, Bloys said the producers and star were really good about “reproducing” the show. Due to launch its second season in March 2019 and third season in April 2022, the series was forced to take a major break between Seasons 2 and 3. renewed for fourth season, again, it is not certain whether this will be final or not. “Bill isn’t afraid to take risks and push it into dark places. I think it’s really interesting to see what he can do as a writer, as a director, as an artist.”

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eventually, excitement This morning there was another big winner in terms of Emmy Noms, including 16 for Best Drama and another acting nominee for Star Zendaya.

almost like barry was delayed by the pandemic, excitementIts first season aired in 2019 and returned in January for its second season, though two special episodes aired in late 2020 and early 2021.

Bloys isn’t expected to have a special episode between seasons 2 and 3, though it might not qualify for next year’s Emmys.

Creator Sam Levinson has a few months ahead Sculpture as well (which has been its own creative challenges)” They’ve made everything right with Sam’s schedule Sculpture, Getting into Writing and Preparing for Season Three [of Euphoria], He’s going to be very busy, but he’s made everything right.”