Succession Fame Brian Cox Joins The Cast Of James Bond Reality Show Titled ‘Road To A Million’

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Succession Fame Brian Cox Joins The Cast Of James Bond Reality Show Titled ‘Road To A Million’ – Deets Inside (Photo Credits-Still From Movie)

‘Succession’ star Brian Cox will control the fate of the contestants in James Bond reality show ‘007s Road to a Million’.

The Golden Globe winner has been cast as the enigmatic “Controller” in the upcoming Prime Video series, which will see contestants competing in teams of two on a global adventure, reports Variety.

Filmed in a range of Bond locations – from the Scottish Highlands to Venice and Jamaica – contestants must correctly answer questions hidden in various locations around the world to advance to the next challenge.

According to Brian Cox’s description of the character, it seems that the streamer is leaning on the actor’s recent turn as the mentor of ‘Succession’ logan roy,

“The Controller is villainous and cultured, and revels in the increasingly difficult journey the contestants must overcome,” read the synopsis.

“He has millions of pounds to give away – up to £1 million per couple – but he doesn’t make it easy. When he lurks in the shadows, he is watching and controlling everything.

Brian Cox said: “I got to see how ordinary people would encounter a James Bond adventure. It gets more intense and nail-biting as they travel to some of the world’s most iconic Bond locations I enjoyed my role as both villain and oppressor, with license to challenge the hopeful contestants.

First revealed by Variety, ‘007’s Road to a Million’ is a collaboration between Amazon Studios, Aeon Productions, 72 Films and MGM Alternative. This marks the first time that Eon has allowed Bond IP to be used in the unscripted world.

“People always come to us to do TV shows, (saying), ‘Oh you should do the Bond Challenge,’ but we always shied away from it because we didn’t want to put people in danger and have to do dangerous things, Because it’s not for members of the public — it’s for trained professionals,” Aeon boss Barbara Broccoli told Variety last year.

‘007’s Road to a Million’ was a first for a producer – Britain’s 72 Films approached the pair with an idea that sounded “fun” and also safe. Bond creator Michael G. “It wasn’t dangerous to the participants, that’s the important thing,” Wilson said.

The show will launch on the platform later this year.

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