‘Succession’ Season 4: Nicholas Braun On Greg’s “Another Gear”; Brian Cox Says Logan Roy Loves His Kids

Today on Emmy Nominee Day, Many of Them Nominees HBO‘s succession Were in the middle of production on Season 4, though, so we caught Nicholas Braunwho received his second supporting actor in a drama series, along with Logan Roy, Brian Coxwho earned his fourth Primetime Emmy nomination today.

Braun’s Greg, a distant cousin of the Roy media dynasty, has always come across as the wet-behind-the-ears, over-pleasing relative, finding his place in Westar Royco.

However, one can’t help but think they will come a day when Greg will be in all his lowly relatives.

As we saw at the end of Season 3, Greg’s sharp mentor, Tom Wambsgan (played by Matthew McFadden, who is also 2x supporting actor in a drama series nominee today) has already been there, with his in-laws Logan Roy. Throwing the kids down. That’s it, and the VC and the media were telling Titan they were conspiring against him all the time.

Braun teased that in Season 4, “Greg shifts into second gear”.

“She and Tom have a new frequency,” Braun explains.

Coming out of Season 3 with Tom, Greg “has so much release. He’s like ‘Take me to the dark side. Playing Greg, he’s a fear-based person, always questioning if he’s right. doing or wrong. Looks like the next chapter is ‘Let’s go!'”

Still, don’t fully expect Cassius from Greg.

Greg’s morphing into executives like Logan’s sharpest and most knowledgeable Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong named the lead actor of his second drama series after winning two years earlier) “doesn’t happen overnight,” says Braun. “He has to acquire skills. Greg doesn’t have the vocabulary or swagger that Roy has.”

Sharing one of the inspirations for Greg, Braun points to Rupert Murdoch’s family photo that he found.

“I saw some guy in a weird suit on the outside of my little circle. It got me thinking, ‘Why is this guy so close? He doesn’t deserve to be.'”

Cox, who spoke to us from his home where he was rehearsing the lines, underlined that despite the head game Logan Roy plays with his descendants, “he loves his kids.”

“He’s really looking for successors to his company,” says Cox, “but they (the kids) don’t go up to the plate.”

“Everything is achievable with kids. They don’t have the original sensitivity or pitta, but you still love them,” Cox continued.

“He’s a misanthrope,” Cox continues, “but the one thing he loves is his kids, and that provides a lot of conflict with him.”

“He’s hoping they do something original,” Cox said.

HBO’s third season succession Most viewed in primetime this year amy with 25.

Beams Cox, “I really love that we got 25 people nominated. They are all eligible. It all comes from these great scripts we have. There are opportunities for designers and directors to step up to the plate.”