Sulagna Panigrahi On Television: “The Hours Are Never-Ending, The Days Are Never-Ending”

You have to work hard on television, says smoldering Panigrahi (Photo Credits – Instagram)

TV and film actress Sulagna Panigrahi is grabbing attention as Radhamani in the historical drama ‘Rebel’.

Radhamani Baksi is the wife of Jagabandhu. The look of smoldering from the show is also being discussed a lot. The actress says she loves her look on the show and prefers to do her own make-up.

“Whenever I play a new character, I always want to look different. It takes time depending on the makeup. We have kept her eyes a bit dramatic as it is set in the 19th century and Radhamani being the wife of Senapati (Commander) dressed like any other woman at that time. And yes, I love getting ready for Radhamani,” says Sulgana Panigrahi.

“I do my makeup myself so I enjoy the process. Once I get on the hair makeup and outfit it just gets me in the mood or gets me into Radhamani’s mindset. It took me an hour to get ready It doesn’t take much time,” says the actor, who prefers to wear her saree, which is mostly chanderi or organza.

So, what is the best compliment she has received for her role and looks?

“I have a lot of compliments but unfortunately I’m bad with compliments. Yes, I love compliments but they embarrass me and I don’t know how to react to them. And, I’m mostly ‘well truth I was good’ What?’ (Was it really that cool?) I usually respond like this. So, yes, I am glad that Radhamani’s bindi, saree and the way she is, are being liked by everyone. Grateful for it,” adds Sulgna Panigrahi.

Panigrahi made her television debut with the show ‘Amber Dhara’, later she also played a negative role in the serial ‘Bidaai’. smoldering made her Bollywood Debut with ‘Murder 2’

Sulagna says that it takes a lot of time to shoot such a show and it also takes a lot of hard work. The actor returned to TV after a decade with this show.

“I have worked in all mediums, theatre, movies, web, advertising, but TV is where you have to work hard the most. Hours never end, days never end. In fact, I got one day off only after 50 days. That’s what scares me about television but unfortunately in 2020 being the kind of year we all had around the world, we all were forced to sit at home. In the meantime, I thought about it and once it was over, I needed to do something that would keep me busy enough that I didn’t have time to go home, nothing to do other than work . So, I don’t regret at all taking up a wonderful show like ‘Rebel’,” says Sulgana Panigrahi.

Sulagna shared that she enjoys working out everyday.

“Every day I wake up and I feel so lucky and grateful that I am going to work. There are many people around the world who do not have that joy and during the lockdown we are all in our respective homes. Went through the terrible pain of being shut down. It was difficult especially during the lockdown for the actors. Because we work in a setup that requires a lot of people, we had no option to work from home. But that’s all we can do so I hope that time never comes back and we all will be safe,” concludes smoldering Panigrahi.

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