Sundance Review: Tig Nataro And Stephanie Allynne Debut Film ‘Am I Ok?’

In 2009, when I was in the Air Force and stationed in Germany, I went to visit Berlin on New Year’s Eve. When my friends and I were getting up at the bar, I came across as a lesbian. The moment was random and unprovoked. I shared the news with all my friends and the 2010s were having a dope night, but the next day I woke up with a panic. I’m 27 and a Gay: What Do I Do Now?

Coming out into your adult years is confusing and stressful, and that’s the basis of it. tig nataro and Stephanie Allin’s first feature film debut, am i fine? Written by Lauren Pomerantz. As a sundance Film Festival Premieres, Film Stars Dakota Johnson ,Suspiria), Sonoya Mizuno (crazy rich asian), Molly Gordon (shiv baby), and Keirsey Clemons (pre-battle) The film follows a woman who comes out as a lesbian at the age of 32 and faces her challenges as she adjusts to a new way of living.

Lucy (Johnson) and Jane (Mizuno) are best friends and know a lot about each other—except for one thing. Lucy is a lesbian and the night Jane announces her promotion and is going to London for work, she gives the news to her bestie. Shaken by the potential loss of her best friend, Lucy has to give it up, even if it happens at a random time. Jane’s new mission is to make sure her gay friend gets laid. Brit is (kiersey clemons), Lucy is a charming, flirtatious co-worker with whom he might have a chance. However, after the two had a night out at a lesbian dance club, they had a disagreement, prompting them to move to London before June.

Being honest about her sexuality in adulthood leaves Lucy feeling lost because it’s like starting all over again, and she will have to face the awkwardness that comes with it. When a significant life change comes when you already have an established personality and way of living, it can turn your world upside down. So there could be a new situation and an international move. It’s no surprise that Lucy and Jane fight. The mutual concern for their unique situations causes friction, and their friendship crumbles as they have to deal with their problems separately.

am i fine? Truly a collective effort because everything co-exists. It is directed by Elin and Notaro with such ease and clarity. There’s something to be said for the queer women managing the story about queer women. The focused gaze is clear. This is aided by Pomerantz’s hilarious script, which draws on her own coming out and friendship with producer Jessica Albaum. It’s great to know that this story is coming from a real place, as there were so many relatable moments coming out of my own. Everything is brought to life by Johnson and Mizuno, a perfect couple who are relaxed and having a great time.

Several mainstream films about women who love women have come out in the past three years, including Portrait of a Woman on Fire, Ammonite, and the World to Come, and late am i ok While not revolutionary, it is undoubtedly more refreshing, varied and comical than the films I mentioned. Importantly, it’s not just about a woman finding her sexuality, it’s about finding her place in the world, navigating it, and being comfortable supporting each other along the way.