Sushmita Sen Took 6 Months To Agree Playing Transgender Activist Gauri Sawant In Taali, She Knew The Script By-Heart!

To portray Gauri Sawant, Sushmita Sen memorized every dialogue (Picture Credit: IANS)

Actress Sushmita Sen, who is all set to play transgender activist Gauri Sawant in the web series ‘Tali’, took six months to prepare for the project but she has memorized every dialogue. it was Gauri SawantPublic Interest Litigation (PIL) of 2014 which led to a landmark Supreme Court judgment in 2014, recognizing the transgender community as a third gender.

Arjun Singh Baran and Karthik D Nishandar, the creative duo behind ‘Taali’, revealed that the actress did her homework very well.

The creative duo recalled the passion with which Sushmita immersed herself in Gauri’s life. He added: “It took about six months for her to say OK to the script and she knew it by heart. So she was so in tune with the script that during the shoot, if we added or changed a line, she would tell us right away that it wasn’t there in the original. She does her homework very well.”

Both said that Sushmita had read the script at least four to five times and she really stayed with the character until she became one with it. She further added: “Acting coach Atul Mongia helped her get the transformation right and director Ravi Jadav guided her to understand the nuances of the film. flag Diction correct. He also worked hard on his voice modulation. She put her heart and soul into ‘Taali’ and today we can’t imagine anyone other than her to play the role of Gauri.

Helmed by National Award-winning filmmaker Ravi Jadhav, ‘Taali’ will trace the pivotal life of Gauri from her childhood to her transformation, and her contribution in revolutionizing the transgender movement in India.

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