Taapsee Pannu Feels Sad Of Mithali Raj Being Referred To As ‘Lady Sachin Tendulkar’, Says “The Benchmark Has Always Been A Man”

Taapsee Pannu saddened by Mithali Raj being called ‘Lady Sachin Tendulkar’ (Photo Credits-Instagram)

Taapsee Pannu is on the roll and how! After Rashmi Rocket, the actress is back with another sports drama Shabhash Mithu. After teasing fans with some posters and videos, the makers released the official trailer of the film, which was appreciated by all. As the actress gears up for the release of the film, she is going for promotional interviews. During her recent conversation, the actress opened up about the industry being male-dominated and called her the female version of a superstar male actor.

For the unversed, Shabaash Mithu is a biopic based on the life of former Indian women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj.

During her latest interview, Taapsee Pannu was asked about the biases that female players face as compared to male players. as shown in Rashmi Rocket Female athletes previously had to undergo a gender test. Responding to the same, the actress also said that all these benchmarks have been one man.

Talking to News18, Taapsee Pannu said, “Before” BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) took over women’s cricket, we didn’t even have footage of our women’s cricket matches on how they played. And it was really surprising for me to know that it comes from a cricket-loving country. Then we are a cricket loving country only for men and not for women, because if we love cricket, it doesn’t matter which gender bats. Also, I didn’t know about the team and the players themselves until I read Mithali Raj’s statement, until she replied to a journalist who asked who her favorite male cricketer was, So I am also guilty of this. So there are crazy absurd facts that abound in the movie for people to see. ,

Taapsee Pannu said, ‘I also think it is sad that Mithali Raj is called Lady Tendulkar. But it is so. Over and over again, people call me the female version of a male actor for different reasons. The benchmark has always been a man. But that’s why we say that we are in a patriarchal society. You have to keep making your way, seize these opportunities again and again and make a difference. ,

When asked if anything has changed in the male dominated industry since a decade, Taapsee Pannu said, “Change has definitely happened. Ten years ago I never thought that I would be the title of a film and people would support it and a good amount would be spent on it. But still we are far from equality. We have to be honest to this fact. The budget of my entire film is equal to the salary of a male actor. So the disparity is still huge. We have a marathon to run, but I’m glad we’re headed in the right direction and we’ve at least taken some steps towards equality.”

Well done Mithu is going to knock on the screen on this Friday i.e. 15th July 2022.

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