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    Tabbar Review: Pawan Malhotra Led Thriller Is As Dark As It Gets Without A Minute Of Ease

    Tabbar starring Supriya Pathak, Pawan Malhotra and others is streaming on Sony LIV (Photo Credits: Youtube/SonyLIV)

    Tabbar Review: Star Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

    Mould: Pawan Malhotra, Supriya Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Gagan Arora, Sahil Mehta, Paramvir Cheema and Garhwa.

    creator: Harman Wadala

    Director: Ajit Pal Singh

    Streaming on: Sony Liv

    Language: Hindi

    Runtime: About 40 minutes per episode.

    Tabbar Review: What It’s About:

    A middle-class family is living happily in a busy area of ​​Punjab. One day a bag shuffling brings an unwanted guest to their home and misfortune kills him. As soon as they have blood on their hands, their world is turned upside down. It is the story of what man will do to save his world from falling and live long for his ‘Tabbar’.

    Tabbar Review: What Works:

    To begin, let’s appreciate the sensibility of new-age filmmakers and strive for the authenticity that we have now left behind the stereotypical ‘mustard khet’ Punjab, and the real, raw and somewhat brutal reality of the land. looking at. Thanks to Abhishek Chaubey, the flag bearer with his Udta Punjab, which is also mentioned in Tabbar.

    A family can be shown in many ways by coming to the show. In recent times, the show has used significance and drama between families on several occasions. Sometimes the conflict is emotional (potluck), Social (Assumption) and about love (Gulaki) But what if a family member kills a stranger to save his family? Tabbar means family. And this show is about a man who puts his family above everything and saves them from the world.

    It is like Drishyam (Ajay Devgan / Mohanlal), but 10 shades darker. Writer Harman Wadala, who is also a producer with Sandeep Jain and Mr. Roy, writes a story about a family that in its worst nightmare never thought of harming another human being. But one day their existence is tested and the adventure for survival begins. Be it a family drama, a thriller or a survival drama, Tabaar successfully fits into all the sub-genres.

    I’m trying my best not to spoil the show for you. Praise me! On a superficial level, Tabbar is about a murder and a family trying hard to save themselves from being killed or falling into the hands of the law. But deep down, the writer talks a lot with director Ajit Pal Singh. Drug menace in Punjab, its youth, misunderstood pop culture and the passion to conquer the world. Of course, the game of power and the corrupt system is also on display.

    In this mess, the focus is always on the family. The father makes plan after plan not to be caught. He kills people and stages fake scenarios. But while this is all wrong, his intention is not to let his innocent children and wife fall to death mercilessly. What wins in writing is the focus on the result. Every action is either right or wrong depending on the perspective. If wrong, the consequences are faced, and every character in Tabbar who does wrong has to face it at some point. Even the ones you think are the most innocent.

    Helping to elevate this story is the Ajit Pal Singh directorial that speaks to his audience. That creates the frame that engages you in the set-up. In the end you know where each drop of blood fell, or how the landscape works. DOP Arun Kumar Pandey creates a lot of tension with his camera. He only lets you see what’s in that particular scene enough to make sense of it, which gives you a claustrophobic feel similar to that of his characters. Look at his frame as he widens and captures the essence of the landscape and emptiness of the family universe.

    Sneha Khanwalkar adds more depth and spooky intrigue with her haunting melody backed by the magical vocals of Rekha Bhardwaj and Daler Mehndi.

    Tabbar Review: Star Performance:

    Pawan Malhotra plays the role of father Onkar, a character from which the entire show unfolds. He has a huge responsibility and tough shoes to fill. An actor who comes with vast experience manages to become a complex character like Omkar. Supriya Pathak supports him with all her cleverness and adds the right emotional flavor to the show. In the last frame, these two together will definitely bother you at least for some time.

    Gagan Arora as the elder son Happy is perfect and brings necessities to the table. Sahil Mehta as Tegi is a silent player. He has a complex character that creates conflict in the back ground and he does it skillfully.

    In Tabbar, however, my heart goes to Paramveer Cheema, who is an avatar of Lucky. He plays a cop who has been made against his will on the job and even at home. He retains his innocence and gullibility while the passion to prove himself burns in him. The actor captivates the audience so well that he is lacking. Also, I stumbled upon his Instagram and that guy has a voice! Brownie Points.

    Tabbar Review: What Doesn’t Work:

    Nothing is so big that you would even think of not seeing Tabbar. Nupur Nagpal plays the role of Palak who is dragged into a love triangle. While his conflict is exposed over and over again until the 6th episode, the conclusion begets him.

    Supriya Pathak is a seasoned actor and even manages to make strides in Tabaar. But his tone sometimes becomes a hindrance. And while most of the actors are actually Punjabi, a non-Punjabi speaking in a somewhat different tone if can be easily seen.

    The characters’ back stories are hinted at, but not enough to add a layer to an already experiential screenplay. Could have added more emphasis and more nuance.

    Tabbar Review: Last Words:

    Don’t go expecting any light-hearted moment, as dark as Tabbar gets. The story is about survival, and there are no exhilarating moments when you’re trying to survive. Get into it and be prepared for heartbreak to come.

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