Tabish Hashmi Reveals If His Show Is A Copy Of Kapil Sharma Show |

There is no doubt that ever since Tabish Hashmi started doing a show on digital media, Pakistani television and comedy has taken the field by storm. Tabish Hashmi is an engineer and after completing his studies he started working for a multinational company. Tabish later moved to Canada because of his job when he got a chance to do his show To Be Honest on YouTube. She is now a part of mainstream television with her show Hasna Mana Hai, which is getting huge viewership.

Since the launch of his show on Jio, people have pointed out that it looks like a copy of Indian comedian Kapil Sharma’s show. The hosting style and segments are very much in sync with Kapil and during an interview with One Day Jio, Tabish has finally clarified whether he imitated or inspired The Kapil Sharma Show.

Tabish Hashmi reveals, is his show a copy of The Kapil Sharma Show?

Tabish said that his show is actually based on the format of Chorha which was earlier aired on Geo News and hosted by Hasan Nisar. He further added that Kapil’s show is actually a copy of Chora and that is the reason why his show looks like Kapil. Tabish said that people in India work more on marketing, due to which the views of other people also seem like theirs.

Tabish Hashmi reveals, is his show a copy of The Kapil Sharma Show?

Tabish also appreciated everyone’s work and said that he only competes with himself and wants to hone his craft further.

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