Taika Waititi Talks About Director’s Cuts And Whether One Exist For ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’

Another day, another mention of the director’s cut. this time it is Taika Waititi‘s Thor: Love and Thunder, The runtime is of two hours which is less than the typical Marvel fare which is usually two hours and fifteen minutes.

In several interviews, the director talks about how a director’s cut of Love and Thunder would be like. From what he says, it doesn’t sound like he’s a fan of Director’s Cuts.

“The director’s cut is not good,” he said in an interview NME, “I was thinking about Director’s Cuts. I watch director’s cuts of many other directors. they suck. The director’s cut is not good. Directors need to be controlling sometimes, and if I say, ‘Ah, you want to see my director’s cut? It’s four and a half hours!’ That’s not good at four and a half hours. There are so many cup-of-tea breaks out there you don’t even need to stop. ,

When asked what the director’s cut is love and need It would seem, that’s what he had to say. “I’d say I probably have a few more jokes in my cut.” Waititi believes that for some reason a deleted scene is left on the cutting room floor.

“There may be some deleted scenes, but like I always say, a scene gets deleted because it’s not good enough to be in the film,” he said. “I think the Deleted Scenes section on DVDs, not that they use them anymore, should just be a list of scenes and no links so you can’t click on them!”

In a paired interview with Chris Hemsworth For colliderWaititi talks about the process of removing good scenes and reaching the final cut.

“It was about four hours. And a lot of time on set… we were talking about this earlier, like when, in the moment, you’re like, ‘This is the greatest thing that anyone has ever done in the history of filming. ‘And you get into editing. You’re like, ‘I still love this.’ And then, after about six months of being in the movie, you realize that the day was fun, but it’s no business in the movie… in fact, about five times, it skips the story and just Like 10, 15 minutes of telling jokes… it’s more than a gathering [than a film],

Hemsworth chimes in with,[it was the most] Batshit crazy, wildest, four-hour cut I’ve ever seen… it was about four hours. It was like a Monty Python sketch… I wouldn’t call it a movie… The story was sacrificed for jokes. ,