Tampa Bay Buccaneers Receiver Antonio Brown Makes Bizarre Exit During Game

controversial Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown Maybe left football on its own terms.

During the third quarter of today’s away game against the New York Jets, Brown took off his jersey, ran across the field, then threw his jersey and other equipment into the stands. He then entered the lockerroom as his teammates and coaches watched in amazement.

The Bux were surprisingly trailing the Jets 24-17 at the time of Brown’s exit. By that time he had caught three passes for 26 yards on five goals during the game.

One of the most talented players in the league, Brown has been in controversy throughout his career.

Last month, he was suspended by NFL For three games to have a fake vaccination card. In April last year, he settled a lawsuit brought by his former trainer, who had accused him of rape and sexual assault. He had cycled through several teams with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots.