‘Ted Lasso’ Stars On Another Mega Emmys Nomination Haul: “It’s A Real Team Effort”

ted lassoThe stars of AFC Richmond’s home city of London – to borrow a phrase from – have once again played a blinding role in Emmy nominations. This time the love has been shared even more.

second season of Apple TV+’s smash comedy matches its record-breaking 2021 run to secure 20 nominations and stars Jason Sudeikis, Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, Hannah WaddinghamNick Mohammed, Juno TempleSarah Niles, Toheb Jimoh, Harriet Walter and Sam Richardson all mastered acting.

“When I saw Toheb, Sarah, James, and Harriet were nominated, I actually burst into tears,” said Weddingham, who plays Rebecca Welton, owner of AFC Richmond, and a comedy series. Nominated for Outstanding Actress in “It’s magical for all of us to be dressed like this.”

Noting that the show is in its third season (nine episodes out of 12 have just wrapped), Waddingham said that the cast is “in shock” at the big race, believing that the comedy will never exceed the achievement of the debut season’s awards. may not match.

Rising star Jimoh, whose character Sam Obisnya was involved in two major storylines in season two (standing up to sponsor an oil company shirt and starting a relationship with Waddingham’s Rebecca), was awarded the Outstanding Supporting Support in a Comedy Series category with Goldstein. Actor was nominated. Mohamed and this evening in the UK he paid tribute to his British co-stars.

,ted lasso There’s so much success and we’ve been really lucky with the awards, so to receive an individual nomination makes me feel extra special — my name is next to Brett and Nick and that’s great,” he told Deadline. Told on a flamboyant summer night in London. “So many actors have been nominated, so it seems the love has spread. as ted lasso It’s such a real team effort, it’s a really great thing.”

He paralleled his journey as a young actor who found his way with Sam’s development in the AFC Richmond dressing room. “I’m finding myself in the industry and standing on my own two feet and that’s Sam’s journey as well,” he said. “It’s a happy, fateful universe thing for those two things to happen at the same time.,

Power The star linked his relationship with the series’ co-creator and lead Sudeikis also reflected on their on-screen interactions. “The way Ted is related to Sam, Jason is related to me — an older, more seasoned actor full of dope advice helping us find our feet,” he said.

For Waddingham, the show’s pool of writers, who “pulled everyone’s heartstrings” and provided “no-holds-barred, transparent writing,” deserves credit.

final whistle

Rumors keep swirling that there will be a final whistle for season three ted lassoGoldstein recently told British media that it was being written “like that”.

Waddingham said there was a “gentle sadness that this is our song” but did not rule out the possibility of more. Ted Lasso.

“For now who knows?” He chuckled.

Jimo recently told Deadline, “Whether we do more or not, it still feels like the end of the first chapter. ted lasso,

He laughed today when pushed for more details by Deadline: “I can’t offer anything or I’ll be prosecuted.” However, he would say that “there’s definitely a lot of resolution, especially for younger characters.” Referring to the series as a three-act narrative, he said: “Ted has arrived, we’ve explored a lot of people’s insecurities and addressed them in the second season and the third will be how people deal with it.” That’s all I will say, otherwise I’ll get myself into trouble.”

Season 4 or not ted lasso It has opened “unexpected and really bloody exciting doors” for Waddingham, he said, adding that there are “a lot of big projects” on the way.

ted lasso is competing in the flagship Outstanding Comedy Series category, where it will compete Abbott Primary, barry, curb Your Enthusiasm, hacks, Wonderful Mrs Maisel, only murders in the building And what do we do in the shadows,

Series Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series (Jane Baker), Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Program (half an hour), Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series (MJ Delaney), Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy will also compete. Series (AJ Catolin), Outstanding Contemporary Hairstyling (Nicky Austin, Nicola Springall), Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation .

ted lasso follows Sudeikis as a compassionate American football coach who, despite the latter’s limited understanding and experience of the sport, moves to the UK to manage the fictional South-West London football team AFC Richmond. While the chances are high against him initially, his positive attitude eventually turns the troubled team and begins to change the minds of jittery fans, skeptical journalists and disaffected players.

The second season has been thoroughly praised for the way it handles the stories around mental health challenges while maintaining its sunny outlook. The season ended at a shocking juncture involving assistant coach Nate, played by Nick Mohammed.

In addition to starring, Sudeikis serves as executive producer with Bill Lawrence through his Doozer Productions, produced in association with Warner Bros. Television and Universal Television of NBC Universal Content. Hunt, Kelly and Bill Vrubel also serve as executive producers along with Doozer’s Jeff Ingold and Liza Katzer. Jane Baker and Jamie Lee also serve as executive producers. Brett Goldstein, who signed with WME last week, serves as writer and co-executive producer. He also stars as former pro coach Roy Kent.

ted lasso Won seven out of 20 awards in 2021, including Outstanding Comedy Series.