The BFI’s Biggest Distribution & Audience Awards Of 2021: ‘Minari’, ‘Titane’, Altitude, BIFA Among Recipients

It was another busy year supporting UK indie cinema British Film Institute (BFI), which again through its audience fund provided a series of cash prizes as well as distribution grants for individual titles. Scroll down for a list of the top prizes in major strides.

Grants are looking a little different than previous years due to the pandemic, which has seen BFIs gravitate more towards support companies and venues, especially during the Covid-related shutdown, rather than individual titles.

However, as noted below, solo films still benefited from awards. Top two titles were Oscar winners minari and Cannes Palme d’Or winner titan, both were distributed in the UK by Altitude.

Altitude was, overall, the most supported distributor last year, receiving a total organization award of £488,776. The next most supported company was Verve Pictures with £165,000.

The Audience Fund Organization Awards made a number of significant grants in 2021. At the top of the pile was the British Independent Film Awards for its ‘This is our cinema: always-on’ marketing campaign, in which BIFA received £300,000 to support a range of activities. Designed to promote British indie picks to a young audience throughout the year.

Also on that list were Flatpak Projects, which received £264,700 to support its activity around the Cinecove – Coventry UK City of Culture initiative, which supported a 10-month film program in the city.

BFI’s top distribution and audience awards in 2021:

BFI Audience Fund Organization Award

British Independent Film Awards, This Is Our Cinema: Always-On Marketing Campaign (£300,000)
As their award progresses for two years, BIFA will continue to offer a range of activities such as content capture on their awards, which can be used for specific extracurricular activity such as podcasts and venue events, marketing, as well as engaging social content throughout the year. as can be done. Promotion and distributor partnerships to promote British independent film to younger audiences.

Flatpak Projects, Cinecove – Coventry UK City of Culture (£264,700)
The award supports a 10-month film program from June 2021 as part of the UK City of Culture in Coventry with a range of partners including screenings, events, talks, workshops across 4 strands to engage audiences across the city provides a program of

ElevenFiftyFive Limited, MASSIVE (£239,031)
Supporting another year of UK independent film promotion through Massive, a youth-slanted brand created by ElevenFifty to increase the engagement of British cinema with young people. The funding will enable preview screening, always on regular research given by social support and industry as well as brand and sponsorship fundraising.

Teardesk Ltd., Bounce Cinema (£157,500)
Helping Bounce Cinemas to take their successful film exhibition programs wider to the UK and develop a BFI2022 priority audience for independent and international film.

Independent Cinema Office, FEDS 2022/23 (£114,194)
Reward for being able to continue this valuable training. Five individuals from underrepresented backgrounds will receive training and work placement in the exhibition area for 40 weeks in the FEDS initiative of the ICO to be held during 2022, which aims to create a more inclusive workforce that is better representative of the population.

London Indian Film Festival (£62,000)
To support the festival’s ambitions to raise the profile of South Asian cinema and to engage a diverse audience in its high-quality event both online and at venues in London, Birmingham, Manchester and the North of England in June 2021.

UK Jewish Film Festival 2021 (£50,000)
Supporting the UK Jewish Film Festival to continue offering a rich and varied program of films, increasing access to great cinema for UK audiences. Funding will support the cost of presenting the festival both online and in-venue, along with screenings and Q&A.

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2021 (£50,000)
To support EIFF in offering a program of screenings, Q&A and talks of national importance to engage a diverse range of audiences.

Zebra Access CIO, Deafness Open 2022 (£45,130)
The Light House will contribute to support distribution and marketing costs to support the 20th edition of Deffest, which will take place online in May 2022, along with Wolverhampton.

Borderline Film Festival 2022 (£42,000)
The support will enable Borderline (the UK’s largest rural film festival) to offer an ambitious film programme, increasing access to independent UK and international film for audiences in rural communities. The funding will enable marketing and outreach to drive the festival’s engagement with BFI2022 priority audiences and help the festival offer a hybrid across venue and online festival.

Iris Awards LGBT+ Film Festival 2021 and Iris on the Move 2022 (£40,000)
Supporting the annual Iris Awards LGBT+ Film Festival in October 2021 (this will be a hybrid festival taking place online in Cardiff and the UK) and to distribute its Iris on Move touring activity across the UK in 2022. The award will support BFI2022 staffing, festival delivery costs and marketing for priority audiences.

17th Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival (2021) (£40,000_
Supporting a hybrid version of the Berwick Film & Media Festival in special event distribution and marketing aspects to ensure that the festival provides audiences (local and national) with a rich and relevant film program of films not otherwise seen in the UK goes.

Tongues on Fire, UK Asian Film Festival 2021 (£40,000) d
Supporting 2021 celebrations online and distribution in seven major UK cities. The funding will also support marketing to BFI2022 priority audiences.

Largest Individual Film Award in 2021 from Audience Fund:

minari, Height (£90,540)

Dear, Pecadillo Pictures Ltd (£75,010)

limbo, MUBI UK Limited (£60,750)

supernova, Studiocanal Ltd (£60,000)

titan, Height (£57,500)

sensor, Vertigo Releasing Limited (£55,000)

last Man Standing, Dogwoof (£55,000)

Pirates, Picturehouse Entertainment Ltd (£50,000)

cause i jump, Picturehouse Entertainment Ltd (£37,000)

lostDogwoof Limited (£36,743)

Largest Organization Award to Distributors:

Height Film Distribution (£488,776)

Verve Pictures (£165,000)

Dogwoof (£125,000)

Pecadillo Pictures (£113,500)