The Black Phone Movie Review: Ethan Hawke Can Never Go Wrong & Scott Derrickson Makes Sure He Lives Up To The Talent He Has On Board

Black Phone Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davis, and the Ensemble.

the director: Scott Derrickson.

(photo credit – a still from Black Phone)

What’s good: One big jump and he is the winner. An experimental Ethan Hawke is at his best and the world-building is spooky and intriguing.

What’s worse: We are never told what the bad guy was made of. Because of which he did such a heinous act.

Lou Break: Strictly not! Ethan, Madeleine, James and Scott have packed enough so you don’t miss your seat. The real question is, would you dare in the dark?

See or not?: Not strictly for the faint-hearted, but a big yes if that’s your style or you’re a Hawk fan.

Language: English (with subtitles).

Available at: in cinemas near you.

Runtime: 103 min.

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In a city trapped in time, there exists a killer who kidnaps teenagers and kills them nervously. Finney, a 13-year-old, finds herself in his clutches and the drama begins. Suddenly a disconnected phone starts ringing in the soundproofed basement and it is the previous victims who are trying to help save Finney. Will he survive is the question.

Black Phone Movie Review Out!
(photo credit – a still from Black Phone)

The Black Phone Movie Review: Script Analysis

How do you define a film that does not come in one genre but in many and does justice to almost all? The latest drama that brings new and experiment-friendly Ethan Hawke to the big screen is packed into a survival drama, a crime thriller, a horror flick, and more all in one. So there is no one way to define it and this is the best part. The tension is always present from the very first frame and there is no escape even for those who are not affected by the horror.

Adapted from Joe Hill’s short story by Scott Derrickson and co-writer C. Robert Cargill, The Black Phone finds itself in the comparison pool with the latest group of horror dramas. back to the 80s strange things Or there are many similar including joker drama IT. What the Hawk starrer manages to do is even more so. It keeps hitting the nail on your head and hammering it until the big reveal comes. While the runtime is a crisp 1 hour 40 minutes, the film is a slow burner and takes a long time to reach the main plot. But nothing is unbalanced. Perhaps this is what we call the art of good filmmaking.

The writing goes deep into the life of the main victim and shows the ruined world he is already living in and that is the best part. You go from bad to bad and there is no room for good. The realization that you’ve seen enough drama of a happy family getting hit by an exotic storm isn’t one of them, it’s a good one. Everything is in the right proportion. The writing also makes you feel the claustrophobic nature of the story and every time the door opens, the audience takes a breath.

What it forgets is raising at least some mystery around the bad guy. Of course, he’s masked and cynical and crazy. Like Arthur Fleck aka Joker of the DCEU. But we know his reasons and purpose in setting up Gotham. But here we don’t know anything. Maybe some giveaway managed to create a more edgy villain.

The Black Phone movie review: Star performance

Ethan Hawke as The Grabber is a man from the nightmares we all had as kids. Oh wait, that idea is present in the movie as well. Actors are constantly trying their hand at playing the distinctively gray character (Moon Knight included) and I am ready for this new phase. He even manages to scare you from behind the mask.

Mason Thames is also a fantastic artist. The only actor to share the screen with Hawke, he proved why he got that chance. He brings just the right amount of emotions, fear and gestures to survive.

Madeleine McGraw has a new fan. I am so happy to see her on the big screen as the biggest a** teenager in cinema. Yes, she curses and abuses but watch how Scott and the team unintentionally show the effects of being an abusive parent. This is a character that will stay with me.

Black Phone Movie Review Out!
(photo credit – a still from Black Phone)

The Black Phone Movie Review: Direction, Music

Scott Derrickson knows his job and is ready to do it. The horror element he has played in every frame is amazing. The medium he chooses to communicate with the dead and the living adds even more layers. Everyone’s uncertainty and delusions of all this are happening in reality or is it a dream inside the dream that haunts you till the last fame.

The best part about Mark Corwen’s music is that he doesn’t overstuff the film like many other horror movies. There is just a pinch in it and it makes the whole show even more spectacular.

If you have managed to make me feel claustrophobic in the cinema hall, you have done an amazing job. The DOP Brett Jutkiewicz does a fine job of capturing everything at once and controlling the speed of the camera to show you the range of the soundproofed basement, Finney has stuck to.

The Black Phone Movie Review: The Last Word

This is one of the better horror/crime/survival dramas in recent times. Of course there was scope for more Ethan Hawke, but enough to make you see it. Go ahead, but with a strong heart!

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black phone Releasing on June 24, 2022.

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