The case against “Mr. Wrong” producers has been resolved | Turkish Series: Teammy

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Bay Yanlis / Mr. Wrong

The court action brought against the creators of the TV show “Bay Yanlis” (Mr. Wrong) has been settled. This news is not favorable to Turkish Channel D. The court rejected the channel’s case against the producers of the series for 14 million Turkish lira.

The legal case brought against Gold Film regarding the Turkish Channel D TV series “Bey Yanlis” (Mr. Wrong) has been lost. According to the statement of Kanal D, he had signed a contract with Gold Film to make a series based on the script of Asli and Banu Zengin, starring Can Yaman. However, when Gold Film demanded some changes in the contract, Kanal D suddenly learned that Gold Film had signed a contract with Fox TV, causing financial loss to Kanal D. 2020, and these contracts were not completed, resulting in financial losses.

At the conclusion of a three-year judicial process, Kanal D’s request for material and moral compensation was rejected “in connection with the absence of passive valid action”. According to Gold Films’ counsel, the demand was unreasonable as the legal contract had not yet been signed. The court ruled after accepting the argument that the plaintiff’s claims lack legal standing in the absence of a formal agreement.