‘The Conners’ EP Says Season 6 Could Be Last: “It’s Definitely A Possibility”

conners May be preparing to say goodbye to the audience with the upcoming sixth season. In a recent interview and before the Season 5 finale, executive producer Bruce Halford indicated that ABC The sitcom may be heading into its last season.

“Sara Gilbert expressed to the network that we don’t want to go out without knowing that we’re going out with a series finale so that we can build up to the perfect ending — and at this point, we think [next season] going to be the last season of connersHalford told tvline,

Halford continued, “I would not [say that] Certainly because the numbers were great this season, and we all had a really great time… but it’s definitely a possibility.

conners Season 6 hasn’t been picked yet appears to be an upgrade looks good As the cast continues to negotiate their contracts.

If Alphabet Network picks up roseanne spinoff for another season, it could even be a shortened season depending on a possible writers’ strike and how long it will last.

“There can only be 13 episodes. obviously we always want to do 20 or 22 [episodes]But at this point, we’re talking about whether we can do 13 — God willing — and if we can do more, we’ll do more,” Halford said.

cast of conners Gilbert, who also serves as an executive producer, John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf and Lecy Goranson.