Saturday, November 27, 2021

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    ‘The French Dispatch’ Rocks Arthouse With Estimated $1.3M Weekend: “If Wes Builds It, They Will Come” – Specialty Box Office

    wes anderson‘s french dispatch He did what a glittering arthouse market was waiting for, revived it with a three-day average. “If Wes makes it, they will come,” said an excited searchlight picture After waiting for two years to bring the film to the theatres.

    It opened in 14 markets and a total of 52 cinemas. Over a 3-day weekend, the film is estimated to have grossed $1.3 million per screen for an average of at least $25K, marking the highest opening of any film during the pandemic – the highest in the past 18 months. Also on top of successful commercial products and easily grabbing Specialty Crown.

    Searchlight Pictures SVP-General Sales Manager Frank Rodriguez called the film an “electric shock” for featuring. box office. These figures show that after a year and a half, arthouse and independent theaters in Wes Anderson have a superhero of their own. He said a crossover in mainstream cinemas has been “doubly encouraging” for the director’s tenth picture.

    Angelica in Downtown Manhattan was the highest-grossing theater in North America this weekend as the theater will reach the $100K mark for its 3-day estimate, followed by The Grove in Los Angeles, BAM in Brooklyn, which It is the fourth highest grossing theatre. Theater this weekend, AMC Lincoln Square and Landmark West LA at The Alamo Brooklyn, New York

    Market-wise, highlights include Portland, where Cinema 21, among other locations across the country, exhibits a growing and secretive demand for special releases. Canada also saw an incredible turnout, particularly at the University of Toronto and the Park in Vancouver. A full 83% of viewers considered themselves a Wes Anderson fan, which was the number of views Grand Budapest Hotel And dog island vote

    it will expand Over 600 theaters and over 60 markets, with more theaters being added over the weekend of November 5thth.

    It premiered at Cannes with a US premiere at Telluride and The New York Film Festival, as well as at the London Film Festival. Anderson and the French cast and crew will attend a premiere in Paris tonight – And in total the film will be screened in more than 25 festivals.


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