‘The Good Nurse’ Star Eddie Redmayne & Director Tobias Lindholm On Bringing America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer To Life – Contenders LA3C

“I’d never heard of this guy, and I’d be the kind of person who would know about the most prolific serial killer in America,” the good nurse the director tobias lindholm said of the real-life Charles Cullen, played by Eddie Redmayne In netflix Thin layer.

“I realized this wasn’t necessarily a story about a serial killer, but about an entire system allowing what he was doing to continue, and then I knew we had a story like that.” story that will take us back to the great thrillers of the ’70s that I love,” Lindholm added about Cullen and the for-profit American medical companies that spent years moving the killer nurse from hospital to hospital, resulting in hundreds of patient murders. .

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joined by theory of everything Oscar winners Redmayne, Lindholm were speaking with me today at Deadline’s Contenders Film: LA3C event in Downtown Los Angeles.

starring jessica chastain, the good nurse debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in September. The true-crime feature, based on the 2013 book by Charles Graber, launched on Netflix on October 22. In the film, the 2021 Oscar winner Chastain plays fellow nurse Amy Lauren, who was ultimately instrumental in ensuring Cullen’s arrest in 2008. The Good Nurse Loughren spoke extensively with both Chastain and Redmayne about their characters and what exactly went down in the effort to entrap Cullen.

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No stranger to playing real people like Stephen Hawking in 2014 theory of everythingRedmayne described how he got inside his character without ever meeting or speaking to the now-incarcerated Cullen.

The actor said, “Tobias and I also had access to footage, psychological reports, and Charles Graber, who wrote the book.” “And, having played some real people over the years, more and more I think it’s the other cast’s insight that’s helpful. You have to accept that this is not a replica, that this is not a documentary.

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