The Kerala Story: Cash Awards Ranging From 1 Crore To 15 Lakh Being Offered To Prove The Film Is Based On Truth

Cash rewards offered in Kerala for proving ‘The Kerala Story’ story to be true (Photo Credits-Poster)

Amid the controversy over the upcoming film “The Kerala Story”, the youth wing of a major state party and two individuals separately promised cash rewards to those who prove its story to be true and provide facts.

film starring Adah SharmaTo be released on May 5, it claims that around 32,000 women have gone missing from Kerala after being brainwashed, converted and sent for terror missions in India and abroad.

PK Firoz, head of the Muslim Youth League, the youth wing of the Congress-led UDF, the second largest member of the Congress-led UDF, said he would give Rs 1 crore if the makers of the Kerala story could prove the story was indeed true.

The second announcement came from a blogger K. By Nazir Hussain.

He said he would “offer Rs 10 lakh to anyone who can produce proof that women were converted and forced to join the Islamic State”.

Shukkur, a lawyer, and also an actor, wrote on Facebook that he would “offer Rs 11 lakh to anyone who names the women from Kerala who were converted, and then joined the Islamic State”.

As soon as the film’s teaser was released, the ruling CPI-M-led Left and UDF demanded that the film should not be screened. Kerala Culture Minister, Saji Cherian said, “If ‘Kerala Story’ is shown, people should boycott it”.

He also said that legal action will be taken.

The Kerala Story is directed by Sudipto Sen. It traces the journey of four female college students in Kerala who become part of the Islamic State.

there are stars in the movie Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani, and Sonia Balani. It is produced by Vipul Amritlal Shah.

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