The Linen Company – Your Quintessential Bed Sheet Store

Looking for a one-stop store for all your bed linen needs? Look no further because The Linen Company has got you covered with their ample mix of products. whether you want bed sheets For yourself, your kids or you need a blanket and quilt cover, you just need to visit one store to get all your needs (trust us! Once you enter it you will forget all the other stores). Let’s see how far the brand’s product portfolio really reaches?

From size to design, The Linen Company has products to fit all your aesthetics and color palettes as there is a wide variety of bed sheet set designs in the portfolio. Not only do they have floral patterns (Plum Blossom is one of our personal favorites!) but also a variety of colors in solid sheets for simplicity lovers. The Linen Company is also one of the few brands in Pakistan to offer bed sheets with percale weave; Tencel Cooling Sheets. The breathable and temperature-controlling properties of these sheets make them perfect for summers. Plus, they have all sizes available for almost every design with a choice of fitted sheets.

The Linen Company Gives You Variety Too sheet Portfolio with options for you in a variety of prints and solids to match the sheet. Mix and match your concrete sheets with theirs, you can find it all here (check out her Instagram for amazing inspirations on these combinations). This brand also caters to people with different quilting pattern preferences as they have options for Striped Quilting, Box and Zig Zag in their assortment.

blanket and waffles

linen company offers you Blanket In both microfiber and waffle textures. For its microfiber blanket, you can choose from sizes to get a single or double-size. Plus, if you want to add a little extra texture, you can get them in a striped pattern as well. The linen company has waffle blankets in their range for you as well as your little one (I can already imagine a little baby con!) For cold sleepers, get a weighted microfiber blanket so that You don’t have to wake up at night with a cold.

pillow covers and cushions

If you want your beds to be extra padded, you can get pillow fillers from them which are again varied as per your preference. You can get microfiber or ball fiber fillings for higher durability or Down & Feather Pillows (Pillow Fights! Here We Come!) for longer-lasting shape retention and softness. They also have pillows in all prints and solid colors to mix and match with your bed sheets. You can go and get both matching and contrasting cushions for your bedding set and whether you like them quilted or flat, the linen company has got your back!

To meet all your bedding needs visit their store or website today and make things hassle free for yourself by choosing a store that has it all and it all!