‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’s Chiwetel Ejiofor On Bowie Movie Sequel’s Timeliness, ‘Dr. Strange’ Multiverse Secrets & Allure Of TV – Hero Nation Podcast

“I was struck by all the themes that Alex and Jenny put into this story,” says Chiwetel Ejiofor Of show time‘s the man who fell to earth series from Jenny Lumet and Alex Kurtzman, “Themes that are really relevant today. I mean really up to the minute, how we engage with each other in our human relationships, but also in our relationship with our planet.”

join us on Hero Nation podcast, the Oscar nominee said that for him “through the eyes of a stranger it was very interesting to me.”

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Debuting tonight on Premium Cabler, 10-episode TMWFTE In many ways a sequel to Nicolas Roeg’s cult classic 1976 film which starred David Bowie,

However, as I said in my review the other day, this ambitious TMWFTE With issues of race, inequality, gender, migration, environmental crises and technology “all the small screens are going the big picture”. “I was excited to walk a little distance to see it through this lens of an alien,” the insightful Ejiofor told us on the podcast.

In that perspective, Doctor Strange And old guard The alum is joined by fellow Academy Award nominee and James Bond suffrage veto Naomi Harris, Jimmy Simpson, Rob Delaney, Sonya Cassidy, Joanna Ribeiro, Anelle Olale, Kate Mulgrew, Clark Peters and Bill Nighyo star in it too the man who fell to earthLater with Roeg playing the role of Bowie in the film.

Speaking about a certain Marvel character and upcoming movie, Ejiofor gives us a bit of wisdom. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, No spoilers, but let’s say that Elizabeth Olsen and Benedict Wong co-star make some pretty broad but distinct ties to the greater and evolving MCU.

So, true believers, listen up.

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