‘The Mandalorian’ Team Teases Season 3, Rosario Dawson Talks ‘Ahsoka’ Story At Star Wars Celebration

Pedro Pascal just shared three words to describe the upcoming third season Disney+’s Mandalorian,

“Activity. Spectacle. Surprise,” the star said during the second day on Saturday star wars Ceremony event held at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Pascal joined Mandalorian Bosses Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni and co-stars Brendan Wayne, Latif Crowder, Giancarlo Esposito, Temuera Morrison and more for a panel focused on the Disney+ series, In a conversation titled “Mando+: A Conversation with Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni”, Pascal and fellow members of the Mandalorian The team teases what’s to come in the junior season, which will debut in 2023.

Whether it’s cameos, easter eggs or new characters, Mandalorian continues to delight star wars With a series of surprises to the fans throughout its run so far. Season 3 is no exception as Pascal doubles down on the idea that “surprises are coming” when the series returns in February 2023.

During the panel, Pascal also reflected on his time playing the masked bounty hunter. He said he enjoys seeing a “silly, armored character” like his “search for his heart”.

Esposito, who stars alongside Pascal as Moff Gideon, shared what he eventually wants for his character.

“I’ll crush that little green bastard,” he said, referring to none other than Grogu, aka Baby Yoda. The last time viewers saw The Child was in the season 2 finale, where they seek protection and guidance under Luke Skywalker.

The panel also revealed that Rick Famuivah executive T. will buildthe Mandalorian Season 3, in addition to serving as director.

Saturday’s schedule also provided fans with more information about the upcoming Feeling The series, starring Rosario Dawson in the lead role. Attendees caught a glimpse into footage from the opening series as Natasha Liu Bordizo confirmed she would be playing Sabine Wren. Deadline broke the news of his casting in November 2021.

“Sabine means so much to so many people. I know I’ll be playing Sabine for a year and I’m so relieved that I can openly be friends with the rest of you,” Liu Bordizo told his audience.

During the Star Wars event, Dawson shared that Feeling “Not just a distraction, it’s a way of life.”

FeelingWhich begins in 2023, will continue to follow the Jedi Padawan of its eponymous character, Anakin Skywalker.