‘The Masked Singer’s Robin Thicke Says “Sometimes Bigger Is Better” As Fox Hit Eyes A Season 8 – Contenders Docs + Unscripted

masked singer The latter has found itself in the middle of a political controversy during its current seventh season. Deadline revealed that Rudy Giuliani was one of the contestants, Donald Trump’s lawyer expose this week Feather fox Reality Competition Series.

But for the executive producer Craig PlestisThe challenge of bringing the Korean format to the US remains the same for each season.

“For us, it’s always a struggle, what we can do is different, it’s exciting to keep the audience more engaged. With this season [the show’s tagline] ‘The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly’ and them challenging each other is another way to make it fresh and inviting for the audience. “It’s a challenge to keep it fresh and to re-imagine it as much as possible,” he said during the show’s panel at the Contenders Television: Documentary + Unscripted event.

judge Robin Thickewho has been on the show since its inception, said, “The makers care a lot about every season and every episode and make sure it doesn’t get monotonous and we present something special and original to our viewers. You get to see every year. Have to keep trying to top myself.”

The panel talks took place before Giuliani took off the mask, and Plestis would not draw on the decision. “Like every season when I am asked who is behind the mask, we have never commented or disclosed who is under the mask,” he said. “It all depends on when the show airs in real time so I would say keep watching the show and see who is under all the masks.”

Plestis and her team wanted this year’s costumes to include their biggest ever—a challenge for new costume designer Tim Chappelle, who took over from Marina Toybina this season.

However, Chappelle, the Oscar-winning costumer behind the 1995 film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the DesertHe had some experience, working on the Australian version of the show, which helped him make the choice of a Hydra costume, which couldn’t even fit into the show’s entrance tunnel.

“Coming into a new season with family is always tough, but they rallied around what we needed to do. Tim did the Australian version so he knew very well what we needed to do because there’s a lot of complexity in designing these costumes that you can sing along to and have good audio. I’m glad we didn’t find someone new to him because it’s a science and he knew what science was,” Plestis said.

“Sometimes bigger is better,” Thicke joked as he started a Madame Tussauds-style museum masked singer Costumes on the Sunset Strip.

The pair already have a look at season 8 masked singer Although Fox has not officially given the green signal to the new season. Plestis revealed that he and his team are already in pre-production and coming up with ideas and costumes.

“To get ahead of ourselves and bring something that is going to shine and excite America is a challenge. I think there are some ideas that we are playing with the network that are going to be very exciting. And this is the first time we see something,” he said.

Check back on Monday for the panel video.