‘The Mitchells Vs. The Machines’: Read The Screenplay For Netflix’s Animated Family Adventure

The generation gap has inspired many animated films. From Ariel defying her father to exploring dry land, to Moana abandoning her family’s island, animated films often attract rebellious children. Netflix Original The Michels vs The Machines Understands the difference but offers some hope for harmonious families.

Katie Mitchell (voice of Abbi Jacobson) is a film buff who wants to go to film school. Her father, Rick (Danny McBride), doesn’t quite understand her passion and takes the family on one last bonding journey before Katie leaves. Michelle chooses the perfect time to go camping, as computers and robots take over the world. This leaves the Mitchell family as humanity’s last hope, and also forces the father and daughter to work through their issues.

Sony Pictures Animation approaches writer-director mike rianda while he was working on the disney series gravity Falls, Rianda based Michelle on her family, especially her outlandish father who was ignorant of technology. Rianda hired Jeff Rowe, which he knew from CalArts and also worked on gravity Falls, co-write and co-direct.

Sony Animation veterans Phil Lord and Chris Miller joined the production when they saw a rough cut. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs director and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse became a producer Mitchells Very. the title of the movie was are linked until Netflix acquired it from Sony Pictures and turned it into a favorite name for Rianda and Rowe.

Animation graces the script’s visual styles, ranging from Katie’s filmmaking to the tech world of robots. The cast also added Easter eggs throughout Katie’s bedroom for movie buffs. All of that is based on the story at the heart of the film, which begins with the screenplay.

Click below to read the screenplay by Rianda and Rowe.