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most popular turkish tv series of 2022

The Turkish TV industry does not rest for a single day, trying to offer its viewers as many TV shows as possible. What are the results of Turkish television until the end of 2022?

In 2022, 72 TV series were released on Turkish screens. If digital projects are included in the list, the number of series will increase to 114. During the year, 45 new shows started on television, 41 shows became finals.

Here are the top 10 most popular TV series in Turkey in 2022:

10. The Prisoner / Mahkum (Average Rating: 6.37%).

Prisoner, which is a remake of the hit Korean drama, climbed 10% in ratings for its 2022 debut and performed well in its first season. However, as the Korean story ended, the Turkish writers were unable to offer anything original that would attract audiences. Due to low ratings in the second season, it was decided to cancel the series.

9. Forbidden Fruit / Yasak Elma (Average rating: 6.45%).

For six consecutive years, the Turkish air phenomenon, producer Fatih Aksoy’s series remains at the top of the most popular TV series in Turkey. In the first months of the new year, it rose again in the ratings to 8% and set the bar high in 2022 with 34 episodes airing. As per the makers, their show will still finalize in June 2023.

8. I Can’t Fit Into This World / Ben Bou Sihana Sigmajam (Average rating: 6.71%).

The new series starring Oktay Kaynarka made the most successful debut of the season, starting with excellent results in ratings. However, there was a decline after that, which was insignificant and allowed the show to make it to the top 10 most popular series in Turkey last year.

7. Chrysalis / Camdaki Kies (Average rating: 7.06%).

The popular OGM Pictures show is grabbing the attention of the viewers in its third season as well. Its rating increased to 9% in March. A total of 37 episodes were aired, which still attract a large audience.

6. Intelligence / Tesquilat (Average rating: 7.48%).

The series from the TV channel TRT1 replaced the main character in the last season. Murat Yıldırım Cagler became the star of the series instead of Ertugrul. This further fueled interest in the show on the state TV channel, which shot up to 9% in ratings.

5. Alperslan: The Great Seljuks / Alperslan Buyuk Selsuklu (Average rating: 7.94%).

The historical series from producer Emre Konuk arouses great interest among Turkish viewers, who are watching with great enthusiasm large-scale battles and palace intrigues in Seljuk castles. Looks like this season won’t be the last. We are looking forward to new interesting plot twists.

4. The Trial / Yergi (Average Rating: 8.64%).

Having received many awards and considerable interest from the Turkish audience, the series has become a real find of the last season. In addition, it is successfully sold abroad and has a Greek remake. In 2022, 35 episodes were released, which received high ratings, especially from an educated and wealthy audience (AB rating).

3. The Ottomans / Kurulus Osman (Average rating: 9.60%).

A true phenomenon of Turkish screen, series by the creator Mehmet Bozdag Turkey has topped the rating for the fourth year in a row. In 2022, 33 episodes were released. Some had ratings above 13%. The only question that fans of the historical show are asking is whether it will have 5 seasons, as promised, or whether the channel and the makers will decide to renew the series for a sixth season.

2. Golden Boy / Yali Kapkini (Average Rating: 10.49%).

The OGM Pictures series made a modest debut in the fall, but quickly became a phenomenon, setting a record for 2022 ratings:

Total: 15.31%
AB: 12.52%
AB1: 13.64%

In total, 15 episodes were released and literally one episode was not enough for the show to reach the first place. However, it is possible that Golden Boy will still become Turkey’s best TV show in 2023. Unless, of course, an even more popular show appears.

1. Mountain of the Heart / Gonul Tainted (Average rating: 10.63%).

At the top of the Turkish ratings is a TV show that is not in great demand outside Turkey, as it is mainly intended for the average Turkish audience. The series of the state TV channel copes with its task perfectly. For a long time, the ratings for the 35 episodes released in 2022 did not drop below 10%.

However, the highest rated event in Turkey in 2022 was not a TV show, but the World Cup final between the teams of France and Argentina:

Total: 16.50%
AB: 20.99%
AB1: 19.52%