Thor: Love And Thunder Box Office Day 4 (Early Trends): Marvel Remains To Be ‘Word-Of-Mouth’ Proof As A Big Sunday Comes In For Chris Hemsworth Starrer!

Thor: Love And Thunder Box Office Day 4 (Early Trends) (Photo Credits – A Still From Thor: Love And Thunder)

Thor: Love and Thunder is once again proving Marvel’s grip at the box office, whether it’s being garnered verbally or rave reviews. Starring Chris Hemsworth and Christian Bale in the lead roles, the film has been tagged as an average affair by many, but the collections tell a whole different story. Scroll down to know about its collection on Day 4 in India.

As we all know, Marvel enjoys a huge loyal following in India. Here even without proper publicity, every one Thin layer The studio opened with a bang at the box office. Something similar has been seen in the case of the fourth installment of Thor as well and the film cannot be stopped even though the reports are not so good.

Now going by the initial trends, Thor: Love And Thunder has jumped again on its fourth day i.e. Sunday. it has earned 17-19 crore, on saturday, it made 17.50 crore* And we can clearly see the positive trend on Sunday also. The overall Indian box office collection now stands 65.10-67.10 cr, The reception once again proves that miracle Word of mouth is proof as its films keep performing well irrespective of the audience response.

Of course, we have seen films doing well despite average word-of-mouth, but here, the jump from Friday to Saturday and then the positive trend on Sunday is remarkable. It’s all because of the loyal fanbase that Marvel has built up over the years.

Globally, Thor: Love and Thunder has earned slightly more $148 million in the first three days.

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