Thor: Love And Thunder Box Office (Worldwide): Keeps Up With The Prediction & Creates New Record With Highest Thor Opening Ever

Thor: Love & Thunder Worldwide Box Office Update! (Photo Credits – Thor: Love and Thunder Poster)

Thor: Love & Thunder has followed the trail of previous MCU releases and made a monstrous debut at the box office. Starring Chris Hemsworth in his iconic Marvel role, the fourth standalone flick sees the superhero fight Christian Bale’s gore the God Butcher. The expectations were high, and if we take a look at the numbers, the film lived up to them.

As fans flocked to theaters to watch the latest Marvel movie, they also requested a director’s cut. However, it looks like he won’t get to see all that extra footage as Taika Waititi said he hated that cut and said it ‘sucks’.

Talking about Thor: Love and Thunder, it covered its first weekend at the box office since its release, and is now in collections. Starring Chris Hemsworth, According to Box Office Mojo $302 million Globally in the opening weekend. It also includes Thursday’s previews and numbers from several markets where the film released the day before.

consisting of $143 million in America and $159 million Abroad, Thor: Love and Thunder has set a new record. It was just an inch short of Jurassic World Dominion’s domestic opening ($145 million), but surpassed all of Thor’s previous films, including Ragnarok. a great achievement for Chris Hemsworth star!

Its Stateside collection in the first weekend exceeds that of The Batman and Top Gun: Maverick. Plus, MCU Flick Matches Target for Box Office Prediction $300 million Inauguration Now it remains to be seen how well the film manages to maintain itself in the coming weeks.

In addition to Chris Hemsworth and Christian Bale, Thor: Love and Thunder There are also director Taika Waititi as Korg, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and Russell Crowe as Zeus.

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