‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Nails $302M Global Debut; ‘Minions’ Gru-ving To $400M WW – International Box Office

refresh for latest, Disney/Marvel Thor: Love and Thunder Pretty much in line with pre-weekend projectionslanding a $159M 47. start in international box office market, and $302M globally. Worldwide, it is the third highest weekend for any Hollywood film during the pandemic and the second best weekend of 2022 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,

On a par, Thor and the gang made the 11th best MCU debut of all time globally, up 19%. Thor: Ragnarok, Overseas, it is the 9th best MCU launch, coming in 29% Ragnarok, And it also has the third-highest international opening weekend posted by any Hollywood title post the pandemic.

Even looking at similar-to-similar offshore markets at current exchange rates, the bow is Thor: Love and Thunder 38% is expected to be ahead top Gun23% ahead Jurassic World Dominionand down 32% Doctor Strange 2,

Among the offshore highlights, the Taika Waititi-directed Fourquel scored the second best opening weekend during the pandemic in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines; and third best in Brazil, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Argentina, Central America, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Greece, Hungary, South Africa and Turkey.

total abroad, Korea was the major market with $15.3M, followed by UK ($14.8 million), Australia ($13.8M), Mexico ($11.8M) and India ($10.3M). More details to come as we update below; See Here How did the weekend go?

During this, last weekendKey Opener, Universal Minions: The Rise of GruIs thisclose $400M to go global. International season went well for them $56.4M in 64 markets (-41%). This increases the overseas running total $189.8M and around the world $399.9M,

40% easier than last frame, Paramount/Skydance Top Gun: Maverick Added on its 7th weekend $23M Offshore Qom Closes With $600M From 65 Markets $586.2M through Sunday. Around the world, aviators have taken off $1.184B,