‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Premiere: Chris Hemsworth On Thor’s “Adolescent Quality”; Natalie Portman’s “Wild Ride” & Christian Bale’s Fingernail Challenge

for fans of Taika Waitititake in thor Thor: RagnarokThe premiere of the writer-director’s latest MCU go round, Thor: Love and ThunderWell, it’s been a long time. But it looks like there is more to come. Its star at the Hollywood premiere on Thursday, Chris Hemsworth He added that he hopes to continue the role for more films, especially if he can continue working with Waititi.

“I’ll do it until someone says get off the stage. I love it,” he told Deadline.

Thor is the only MCU character to have focused on four movies. However, executive producer Brian Chapek said somewhat cryptically, “Well, I’d say he’s the only person So far To get four movies. It’s not necessarily a sign, but it’s not a restriction either.”

Hemsworth’s explanation for fans’ continued love for the character was, “There’s a juvenile quality to him, a sense of adventure. And a kind of fun immaturity.”

And, he said, these fascinating qualities are also present within Waititi.

,[Working with Waititi] Every time something is different, something new. And he is a dear friend. He has the kind of immature quality I was talking about. In the best possible way.”

For Natalie Portman, reprising her role as Jane Foster, she really appreciated Waititi’s re-imagining of the character. In this latest installment, Jane has become Thor, hammer and all, plus she’s 6 feet tall and muscular.

“Taika envisioned this change in Jane and it was a really great proposition that she got to join in on her wild ride,” Portman said. “It was amazing to be challenged with this because I don’t think there are many people who would cast a 5ft 3 woman as a 6ft character, so it was great to be able to imagine that someone who walks so big The world, of course, is not like mine, always looking at people who always feel like a child in every situation.”

For Christian Bale However, the look of his character proved to be more than a bit challenging. In fact, the long nail extension of his villainous character Gore the God Butcher almost rendered him incapacitated.

“It completely disabled me in everything. I was pathetic,” he said. “I found myself thinking, ‘I don’t think I can walk because I have long nails.’ It affected my mind. I was like, ‘I can’t eat, I have long nails.’ I was trying to type. I couldn’t do anything.”

Fans who watched the film’s trailer commented that the gore rocker looks like Marilyn Manson. Pure coincidence though, because as Bell said, “I hadn’t heard that. I was definitely impressed by Nosferatu’s look and I was influenced by another musician, Apex Twin, and he’s got an incredible video called come to papa, There’s a character in it that Taika and I both enjoyed and he was my reference, so even though the kids went out screaming, we totally embraced him.