Sunday, October 24, 2021

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    Tiktok Star Alex Bhatti Opens Up About GENDER and A LEAKED Video

    Alex Bhatti is a very famous Tiktok in Pakistan. Every Pakistani should know about him. He becomes popular on Tiktok for creating daily video content. He loves to dance so he is making dance videos.

    Videos of Alex Bhatti go viral in few seconds. Most brands have hired Alex to promote our brand, business and products. Alex becomes famous not only on TikTok but also on image-sharing apps like Instagram.

    He is very popular on Instagram with 20k followers and keeps increasing day by day. Alex’s main earning source in most of the tiktokers is to promote and advertise other brands as they have a lot of traffic in the size of followers.

    Alex Bhatti is not his real name. This is a surname. His real name is Ali Bhatti. In a previous interview, Alex says that he gets a lot of bad comments from the audience. Because we know that Alex’s style is not good and it is not allowed in our area (Islam) but Alex asks some question.

    He says if I am making wrong video. Why do people like it? Why do my videos get millions of views? Does Alex say why is my video downloading 50k+? Tell me why is my video sharing too high? Why are my videos getting so many comments?

    Here’s the full video, watch it!

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