Tim Beddows Dies: Managing Director Of UK-Based Network Distributing Was 59

Tim Beddoes, UK based Managing Director network distribution Ltd., died. He was 59 years old.

Beddoes passed away on Friday, 18 November. Network Distributing confirmed the news to Deadline in a statement, calling Beddoes’ death a “terrible blow to everyone who knew him, both personally and professionally”.

“The network team is devastated but committed to continuing his legacy and building on the network’s position of strength as a leader in the UK home entertainment market,” the statement read.

Beddows founded the network in 1997. The UK-based company now operates as an independent UK publishing, distribution, production and entertainment conglomerate.

The company is best known for its restoration work. Some of the company’s biggest re-releases include The Sweeney, The Professionals, The Woman in Blackmonty python flying circus, prisonerand gerry anderson supermarionation Library.

In 2021, the network acquired several libraries, including Rapido TV, the Danziger Film and TV Catalog, and the Hammer Films Company. A new company, Hammer Studios, was established to manage Hammer’s interests in its library of material, which included the woman in black (2012), let me come inside (2010), Dracula (1958), abominable Snowman (1957), and Quatermass Experiment (1953).

The company has also set up a new doctor jekyll The film, starring Eddie Izzard, is now in post-production.

Jonathan Lack, director of the network, said: “For the past four years, I’ve had the honor of running the company with Tim as we’ve established the network into the strong market leader it is today. We are all heartbroken by his passing but the entire Network team understands Tim’s dreams for the future of the business and we are committed to fulfilling that dream and building on his legacy for our stakeholders and customers.

Steve Rogers, head of product development and research at the network, said: “His legacy is immense and that work will continue. Always forward-thinking, Tim started planning for the next five to ten years, so he Will continue to be a very real presence in both the network’s approach and content output. Together we will take the company forward with his vision, and he will continue to be with us on the journey.