Tinder Swindler In Fresh Trouble: Spanish Court Issues Arrest Warrant For Shimon Hayut For Using Fake ID

Netflix document tinder thug make your theme Shimon Hyuto Famous and Notorious, recounting how he persuaded dozens of women to spend their money on his lavish lifestyle, feeding them quirky threads about his life story and how only the contents of his bank accounts saved him from impending crisis. could have saved.

Now he’s in new trouble in Spain many times Reporting that a warrant has been issued for his arrest – for presenting a fake ID to police after driving his Maserati on the beach at the southern resort of Tarifa back in 2019.

Although the case was on the verge of being dropped three years later, it was raised again this month when Spanish police contacted a Norwegian journalist who is seen unmasking Huyt as a thug in the Netflix doc.

Hayut has served several prison sentences for various fraudulent activities. The Netflix doc, directed by Felicity Morris, focuses on her activities, which take various women out of their savings while traversing Europe in private jets, posting glamorous photos on social media and attracting new potential female fundraisers. Uses his money to lure.

after the release of tinder thug – Which one Netflix reveals this week it’s most-watched documentary of all time With 166 million hours of views in the first 28 days of release – Hyut has attempted to launch a new career in the entertainment industry.