Tom Cruise Returns To CineEurope In Another Surprise Appearance, Tells Exhibitors: “I See A Bright Future For All Of Us”

refresh for latest, second time in eight months tom cruise thrilled attendees CineEurope Appearing live on stage at the Exhibition Conference, here in Barcelona this morning of great qualitySlate presentation. The room again erupted in applause as everyone stood on their feet and burst into applause. Top Gun: Maverick Star.

Cruise, who travels to Korea to campaign TGM which opens there tomorrow, and which is Crosses $900M at global box office, was impressive in his appreciation for the exhibitors. “I just came here to say thank you for everything… I know what it takes to do what you do… Thank you for allowing me to pursue my career.”

somewhat reminiscent of what he said when he Shocked CineEurope last OctoberCruise continued, “I’ll keep delivering these movies for you… you know I’m here for you and I know you’re here for me.”

Star added, “Thank you for your help top Gun… not just my movies, all movies. I want everyone to win… I see a bright future for all of us.”

Cruz also promised to return next year Mission: Impossible – Dead Count – Part One,