Tom Cruise’s “Crimes Against Humanity” Exposed By Former Church Of Scientology Member & Actress Leah Remini: “Don’t Let The Movie Charm Fool You”

Tom Cruise criticized for being part of the Church of Scientology (Photo Credits – Facebook; Wikimedia)

Tom Cruise is known for his films, which are often hits. Take a look at Top Gun: Maverick. it just crossed $700 million It made its mark at the box office and it has become his second biggest film of all time. But there’s something else he’s famous for, and that’s a bit controversial.

for the formless, cruise Church of Scientology, and now because of this, he is receiving criticism from actress Leah Remini. Known for her roles in Saved by the Bell, Leah was also a part of the church until 2013, when she left it and criticized it.

However, Tom Cruise remains a part of it, and Leah Remini is calling out the actor over it. The actress took to her Twitter and exploded Impossible Goal Starr and his new film Top Gun: Maverick. She shared a post from a former Scientologist, Claire Headley, accusing Cruise of promoting “a dangerous cult that destroyed my family.”

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In a post directed toward Top Gun: Maverick fans, Claire Headley called out Tom Cruise’s “crime against humanity” and put forth a question about when the actor last spoke with his daughter, Suri. Sharing the post, actress Leah Remini wrote, “Don’t let the star charm of the film fool you.”

Netizens immediately took to the comments section to react to this. “Sometimes, he plays in front of the camera like a very nice and thoughtful person. Other times, he displays his true self by jumping on the couch, calling people “glibs”, yelling at his crew and calling them mofos. My gut tells me, he is not what he looks like,” wrote one user.

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However, many other Tom Cruise fans supported the actor and his film Top Gun: Maverick.

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