Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick Worth $170 Million Isn’t His Most Expensive Film, This Biggie Burnt The Biggest Hole In Producers’ Pocket By Just Crossing $400 Million At Box Office

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Not Top Gun: Maverick But It Is Biggest Tom Cruise’s Most Expensive Film (Photo Credits – Instagram; IMDb)

Tom Cruise has once again established his reign at the box office by delivering one of the biggest box office hits in the post-pandemic era with Top Gun: Maverick. Interestingly, after more than four decades in the entertainment industry, the superstar finally got a $1 billion film to his credit. Painstakingly made, Maverick had a huge budget, but it is not Tom’s most expensive film to date. Any idea what movie this is? Well, keep reading to know more!

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, Maverick is a sequel to the cult classic Top Gun, which was released in 1986. Being a successor to a classic film there were some really big expectations, but it passed the test with flying colors. It is one of Tom’s most acclaimed films till date and is rocking the throne of being the biggest hit of all time with its collections $1.49 billion at the worldwide box office.

Tom Gunn: Maverick Has a Huge Budget $170 million, according to ScreenRant; Still, it’s not Tom cruiseIt is the costliest film. You will be surprised to know that The Mummy, released in 2017, is Tom’s costliest film till date. Yes, you read that right! magnum opus was built on $195 million, Despite huge buzz prior to release, the film failed to create ripples at the box office.

Tom Cruise’s The Mummy received poor reviews and the negativity was clearly visible in the film’s poor box office performance. Globally, it has run $409.23 millionAccording to box office Mojo. It proved to be one of the biggest commercial failures, reportedly, with the makers suffering minimal losses. $60-$100 million,

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